Introducing our new Digital Cards

    As part of our ongoing efforts to make your travel experience more seamless and reduce our carbon footprint, we are introducing new digital cards across all our membership tiers – Burgundy, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


    The functions of the digital card are identical to that of a physical card for earning and redeeming your Qmiles. You can present it on your phone or a printed version and still enjoy all your benefits and offers such as Duty Free purchases, check-in, and using the services of our partners etc.


    We will also be replacing our plastic cards for all New Burgundy Members and all their nominated family members with the digital cards starting from 1st November 2016. From this date we will no longer be sending out plastic membership cards to all new members.


    Silver, Gold, Platinum members continue to use both plastic and digital card. For Silver, Gold and Platinum members accessing oneworld services/benefits it is advised they carry their plastic card.


    When Burgundy members upgrade to Silver tier, we will send them and all nominated family members a physical card to their mailing address.


    If a Silver member downgrades to Burgundy, he will not receive a Burgundy plastic card for himself/nominated family members. He will have to use the digital card.


    To access their digital cards, members should follow the below simple steps:

    From your mobile or tablet:

    login   Log into your membership account

    phone   On your Dashboard, you can save, email a copy of your membership card or add to Apple Wallet if you have an iOS device OR

    card   Go to "Membership Cards" from the right menu

    email_save   Save, email a copy of  your membership card OR

    apple wallet   Add to Apple Wallet if you have an iOS device

    Visit our mobile site at or download our mobile application from  apple   google play

    From your desktop:

    login   Log into your membership account

    desktop   On the top left of your Dashboard, you can save, email or print a copy of your membership card OR

    profile  Go to  your "My Profile" section of your account  and select "Membership Cards" from the left menu 

    email_save   Save, email a copy of your membership card OR

    print   Print a copy of your membership card 


    Members with iPhones can now login to their accounts using Touch ID (finger scan).