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Any active EMD that does not match the Name correction on PNR cannot be reissued to the corrected name.

Name Correction

Qatar Airways strictly forbids agents from creating Speculative bookings with a hope that a Name Change request will be entertained at a later stage. Qatar Airways considers this as an abusive practice which not only prevents genuine passengers the right to reserve a seat as well as a loss to the Airline.

In general Qatar Airways does not allow a name to be changed on an existing PNR. The PNR would need to be cancelled if ticketed/un-ticketed and a new reservation is to be made using the current availability. In instances where a Name Correction is required, it should be done within the trade portal for the PNR’s that are issued by travel agencies.

Tips for entering the name during PNR creation

Name correction shall be understood as correction of passenger's surname (family name), first name, middle name, title or PTC due to spelling mistake or missing part of name (e.g. missing middle name).

  • Misspelled name when a letter is omitted, transposed or incorrectly typed
  • Transposed name which appears out of order, i.e. SALLY/SMITH instead of SMITH/SALLY
  • Omitted part of name, i.e. omitted middle name
  • Changing a first name from a nickname to a given name 
  • Changing the name to match travel documents as long as it is the same person travelling
  • Changing a first name booked as an initial provided the name begins with the same letter as initial, i.e. C to CATHERINE
  • Removing prefixes, i.e. Dr.

Name change are defined as complete change of passenger's surname (family name), first name, middle name or any/all combination of them due to:

  • Legal reasons, i.e. marriage, divorce, adoption which can be validated by verifying the date of birth in the original and new document (e.g. in the passport or any other official document issued by local authorities due to name change)

This process is limited only to cases where passenger legally changed it. Any other scenario is restricted for passengers booked on QR flights, codeshare or interline itineraries and/or ticketed on 157 stock/plate.

New e-ticket to be endorsed “REISSD FOC D/T NME CORR” or “REISSD FOC D/T NME CHNG” as applicable


The name correction/change are not allowed for below scenarios:

  • Itinerary includes interline segments and/or code share airline
  • Partially flown PNR’s
  • Swap with another new name
  • Changes after check-in

Name Change and Name Correction procedures cannot be initiated in the event of:

  • Name change, provided a date of birth cannot be verified
  • Ticketed reservations where passenger has begun travel (partially utilized tickets), except of name changes due to aforementioned legal reasons
  • Code-share and/or interline reservations, except on QR code-share reservations operated by 6E (at least 6 hours prior to departure) or BA (coming soon)
  • Passenger who wish to travel on two different names and passports shall purchase two separate tickets accordingly, i.e. for outbound and inbound
  • PNRs created from FFP Privilege Club profile
  • Passenger has already checked-in – unless passenger and baggage can be offloaded

E-tickets must be reissued once a Name corrections request has been raised with in trade portal or else risk cancellation for non-adherence to Qatar Airways requirements.

General guidelines:

Name change and name correction up to 3 characters:

  • Permitted one time only
  • Applies as a blended total for last, first and middle name
  • Passenger`s title and space characters are included in the count
  • Addition, deletion or change of PTC, DOB or Infant are not included in the count

If name change or name correction is restricted, the PNR for affected passenger would need to be cancelled and new reservation is required.

Registered Trade Portal users can submit a name correction/change request through the name correction/change self-services page

  • An amount of AUD100 or NZD100 will apply for name correction/change transactions for ticketed bookings (applicable only for Australia & New Zealand region).
  • Any active EMD that does not match the Name correction on PNR cannot be reissued to the corrected name.

Tips on adding passenger name

Full names should be entered as it appears on the travel document to avoid any delays or inconveniences at the airport in addition to any name changes or corrections, since name changes/correction will not be possible in case these changes are not applicable within the name correction/change policy.

*Note: Middle names are not mandatory to be entered while creating a booking. While middle names should be entered on the APIS/passport information added on the booking

First and last names should not exceed 50 characters in length, including the passenger title, and should only include alphabetical characters such as A-Z or a-z.


Name formats followed by Qatar Airways (QR) may not be accepted by Other Airlines (OAL). If a booking is made with a combination of QR and OAL segments, please check with the respective airline on their name format policy before creating the PNR.

Name correction /changes on PNR’s booked with OAL segments are restricted.

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