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Exclusive benefits for media and entertainment companies

We now offer exclusive savings and benefits for your clients in the media and entertainment industry. Our tailored solution includes complimentary baggage allowance, which will enhance their journey.

To enjoy this offer, your clients will need to join our Beyond Business programme.

Organisations and individuals will receive the following benefits*:

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on Business Class and Economy Class
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fare conditions
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two-piece baggage allowance
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flat rates for up to 10 media baggage pieces
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Media Baggage
is available for purchase through the GDS for a seamless booking experience
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on our network worldwide

For more information, please contact your dedicated sales representative.

*Terms and conditions apply. Each media bag must not exceed 23 kg in Economy and 32 kg in Business Class.

For media bags exceeding the weight limit, or piece limit, standard baggage rates will be applied at check-in.

Acceptance and transportation of media bags is subject to operational considerations.

Available on Qatar Airways operated flights only.

Terms & conditions


  • Travelling passengers of companies in the entertainment and/or media industry (referred to as “Companies” or each as a “Company”)
  • This offer (HQFB) provides dynamic savings on certain fare classes that are publicly available, flexible fare rules, complimentary baggage allowance, reduced additional baggage fees up to ten pieces and this is a full and complete description of the offer.


  • Company must have a valid Beyond Business (Global, Local or SME) membership/registration with Qatar Airways
  • This offer must be agreed and accepted between the company and the Qatar Airways Global Sales team
  • The offer shall apply only to eligible companies agreed and filed by Qatar Airways
  • Agent must be able to apply the corporate account code (OSI or SSR) when booking this fare, otherwise the agency will receive ADM

Terms and conditions:

  • Company must have a valid “Beyond Business” membership with Qatar Airways
  • Companies that accept the offer must nominate their appointed IATA agency/ies and PCCs to make the offer available by Qatar Airways
  • The offering will only be filed and made available to registered IATAs and PCCs with a valid ticketing authority and relationship with Qatar Airways
  • The offering shall apply only to eligible companies that operate in the media and entertainment industry (movies, television shows, radio shows, news, music, gaming, sports broadcasting, newspapers, and magazines but not social media)
  • The Company’s “Beyond Business” membership number must be properly updated in the Other Special Instruction (OSI/SSR) field of the PNR (Passenger Name Record) prior to ticket issuance
  • Qatar Airways reserves the right to change or otherwise withdraw the offer at any time without prior notice to the passenger and/or Company. The passenger and/or Company shall be bound to observe and comply with the terms and conditions herein and any amendments thereof

Which companies are considered as media and entertainment?

The media and entertainment industry consists of film, television, radio and print. These segments include movies, television shows, radio shows, news, music, sport broadcasting, newspapers and magazines.

Are all companies eligible for this offer?

Qatar Airways Beyond Business (global, local or SME) customers with a primary focus on media and entertainment are eligible for the offer (HQFB).

Defining the customers' industry is at the discretion of Qatar Airways.

Customers without an appointed ticketing agent are not eligible for this offer.

Are all passengers eligible to benefit from this promotion?

Benefits are only applicable on tickets that are purchased by a Beyond Business customer with primary focus on media and entertainment.

What is offered?

  • Savings on Business and Economy Class fares*
  • Flexible fare conditions
  • Complimentary two-piece (23 kg in Economy and 32 kg in Business Class) baggage allowance**
  • Pre-paid reduced flat rate up to 10 MBAGs (23 kg in Economy and 32 kg in Business Class)

*Selected RBDs

**This benefit overrides the standard free checked baggage (weight or piece concept) allowance

What fare types are eligible for Media Bag rate?

Only HQFB fares (fare basis) are eligible for benefits including MBAG.

What is a Media Bag (MBAG)? Details?

Media Bags (MBAG):

  • A Media Bag (MBAG) is checked baggage related to the production of a movie, TV show, photo shoot, film festival, print media, news or select entertainment events etc.
  • MBAG can be purchased up to 6 hours prior to departure only through GDS. Within 6 hours of departure, airport excess baggage rates will be applicable
  • For Media Bags exceeding the weight limit, or piece limit, standard baggage rates will be applied at check-in
  • MBAG reduced flat rates are effective for up to 10 bags in total, excluding the complimentary (2 piece) baggage allowance
  • Each Media Bag must not exceed 23 kg in Economy and 32 kg in Business Class
  • Media Bag rate applies for the entire journey on Qatar Airways operated flights

How to pay for Media Bags?

Media Bag is a pre-paid ancillary service and it is available for purchase through the GDS for a seamless booking experience.

Limitations on acceptance of media bags

Acceptance and transportation of media bags is subject to operational considerations.

What are the applicable sizes for Media Bags?

Standard size limitations apply for all MBAGs; please see 'Checked Baggage Guidelines’ section.

Lithium batteries:

Whether a lithium battery can be carried by air or not depends on its configuration and either watt-hour (Wh) rating, if it is rechargeable, or lithium content (LC), if it is non-rechargeable.

Find out here if your battery can be carried in your baggage.

Information for Travel agents

  • The Media Baggage options would be available on the GDS catalogue once the travel agent creates a booking with HQFB fare basis
  • There is no specific entry for additional Media Baggage but it should be available on the catalogue
  • The Travel Agent must add Beyond Business deal code as OSI element to the PNR
  • Beyond Business deal code (OSI element) to be applied by the travel agent to ensure this special offering is offered for only media and entertainment clients
  • For any rebooking or flight changes, the Travel Agent must re-enter the Beyond Business account code to the PNR. For any tickets issued without Deal Code, the agent will receive an ADM. To avoid ADM issuance, the necessary terms and conditions, training and support will be provided to the agents
  • HQFB will be loaded to relevant only IATA/PCC’s to monitor and reduce abuse
  • GDS entries will be provided to eligible travel agents by Qatar Airways sales teams

Beyond Business

My client is eligible for this promotion and has eligible passengers. How can I avail them of the benefits of this promotion?

Companies that accept the offer must nominate their appointed IATA agency and PCCs along with their unique Beyond Business deal code to their Qatar Airways Representative. The offer will only be filed and made available to registered IATAs and PCCs nominated with a valid ticketing authority and having a relationship with Qatar Airways.


Who can I contact to help my customers join Beyond Business?

Click here to join Or Contact Beyond Business support team here

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