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Advance Passenger Information (API) should be always provided when a passenger is travelling on any Qatar Airways flight number. Customs agencies require storing travel details in the PNR for all adult, youth, infant passengers. All QR offices and Travel Agents should enter this information in compliance with the requirement of the immigration authorities.

**Note: it is important to ensure that only correct passenger information is updated within PNR elements such as SR DOCS, SR DOCO and SR DOCA, given the sensitive nature of these elements and the involvement of customs, immigration and border authorities across our network.

Entering incorrect or fictitious APIS data (DOCS / DOCO / DOCA) in QR Passenger Name Records could result in cancellation of such PNR’s,  as well as restrictions being applied on your Agency GDS PCC/Office ID for availability and ticketing of QR flights

The data elements for the transmission of Advance Passenger Information are defined as follows:

  •          Travel Document Number
  •          Issuing State or Organization of the Travel Document
  •          Travel Document Type
  •          Expiration Date of Travel Document
  •          Surname/Given Name(s)
  •          Nationality
  •          Date of Birth
  •          Gender
  •          Visa Number
  •          Issue Date of the Visa
  •          Place of Issuance of the Visa
  •          Other Document Number Used for Travel
  •          Type of Other Document Used for Travel
  •          Residence Address (Address, City, State/Province/County, Postal Code, Country)
  •          Destination Address (Address, City, State/Province/County, Postal Code)
  •          Place of Birth
  •          Country of Primary Residence

The following documents have been defined as travel documents:

  •          Passenger Passport
  •          Passport Card
  •          Identity Card
  •          Approved non-standard identity documents used for travel

SSR APIS Requirements


Mandatory Requirement



All QR flight numbers



All destinations where visa required prior arrival



For entering USA with destination address or entering South Korea with residence address


Secure Flight Passenger Data Information (SFPD)

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of USA is collecting Secure Flight Passenger Data for flights that overfly the continental United States. 

Secure Flight is a program that enhances the security of domestic and international commercial air travel through the use of improved watch list matching. 

When passenger travels to/from or via territory of USA, the airline has to submit name (as it appears on government-issued ID the passenger plans to use when traveling), date of birth, gender and  redress number (if applicable) to Secure Flight, which uses it to perform watch list matching. This serves to prevent individuals on the No Fly List from boarding an aircraft and to identify individuals on the Selectee List for enhanced screening. After matching passenger information against government watch lists, Secure Flight transmits the matching results back to airlines so they can issue passenger boarding passes.

Travel To & From Canada on QR Operated Flights

While flights to and from Canada have always required SRDOCS info to be updated in PNR which is later transmitted to Canadian regulatory bodies, due to QR flights to & from Canada overflying US  airspace at times, it has become necessary for QR to provide the same DOCS/DOCA/DOCU information to US authorities (TSA) as  well.

As IATA has not mandated the requirements similar to SFPD flights to USA where ticketing will be restricted if information not updated, airlines need to request customers on a voluntary basis to provide this information at the time reservation/ticketing to avoid any penalties. Please ensure same is updated in PNR for all passengers travelling on QR flights to/from Canada.


SR DOCS - For primary travel document information (e.g. passport or identity card)

SR DOCO - For secondary travel document information (e.g. visa or redress number)

SR DOCA - For address information (either residence or destination address depending on customs requirements)

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