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Qatar Airways University Scholarship Programme provide financial and academic support to Qatari nationals (and children of Qatari mothers) who are currently studying at accredited universities to enrol into the undergraduate scholarship (Bachelor’s degrees studies) inside and outside the State of Qatar by transferring their scholarship.

The scholarship is fully funded by Qatar Airways and covers the tuition fees, the monthly stipend, the cost of living, health insurance, and the cost of travel to the country of study.

After graduation, the student will join Qatar Airways under the Graduate Development Programme.

For students who recently graduated from High Schools, click here for scholarship conditions.

Conditions for Transfer of University Scholarship

Note: Scholarship Students selection will be made on a competitive basis between all applicants for a limited number of Scholarships per year as may be determined by Qatar Airways from time to time.

Scholarship Specific Conditions

Students who are currently studying at an accredited university in a field of study on the Qatar Airways’ list of accepted study fields, may apply to Qatar Airways for transfer of their University Undergraduate Studies if they meet all of the following conditions:

1. Be a Qatari National (or the Student’s mother is a Qatari National).

2. Be of good conduct and repute.

3. Be medically fit and pass all prescribed medical examinations.

4. Must be below the age of 24 years at the time of application.

5. The Student must have completed at least 30 credit hours (in the US system or its equivalent), and the average credit hours per semester over all study semesters registered (other than the first semester) shall not be less than 12 hours per semester.

OR the Student has completed one full academic year of major studies under the UK system (following the foundation year, if any).

The number of credit hours gained must not include distance or online study.

6. The cumulative GPA (in the US system or its equivalent) must not less be than 2.8 (or not less than 55% in the UK system or its equivalent).

7. The university field of study (major and minor) must be on the Qatar Airways accepted list of study majors.

8. The study university must be accredited by the Qatar Ministry of Education and is in a country acceptable to Qatar Airways.

9. If the university is outside the State of Qatar, submission of a letter of Pre-approval Letter from the Qatar Ministry of Education permitting studying overseas in the named university and study major.

10. The Student must be in continuous and uninterrupted study at the named university at the date of submitting his/her application for scholarship transfer.

11. For male Qatari-Nationals, a statement of completion, exemption, or deferral of the Qatar National Service from the Qatar National Service Academy.

12. Must not be currently sponsored by any other entity or company.

13. Must not be currently employed or working for any other entity.

14. Must not be a former employee of Qatar Airways or had a previously cancelled or terminated scholarship for disciplinary or academic reasons.

15. Must have a guarantor who is a Qatari National who is willing to guarantee and payback to Qatar Airways the scholarship expenses and fees paid by Qatar Airways in case of Student’s failure and cancellation of the scholarship, or withdrawal from the scholarship or failure to join Qatar Airways, or resigning from Qatar Airways prior to completing the required service in accordance with the Scholarship Contract.

16. Any other document or information as may be requested by Qatar Airways for the purpose of establishing eligibility for scholarship transfer in accordance with Qatar Airways scholarship regulations.

Scholarship General Conditions

1. Applications for transfer are only accepted for Undergraduate Studies (Bachelor's Degree or equivalent). Postgraduate (Master Degrees) study scholarship transfers are not available.

2. Full Bachelor Degree study shall not exceed four (4) years.

3. The study and course subjects shall be in English.

4. Qatari-Mother Students’ applications will only be reviewed for local university studies transfers in the State of Qatar.

5. High (Secondary) School Certificates not issued by the Qatar Ministry of Education must have an Equivalency Statement from the Qatar Ministry of Education showing the individual subjects marks and the total percentage mark.

6. Continuation of Postgraduate Studies (Master’s Degree) immediately following graduation from Undergraduate Studies is not permitted; and the Student must return for work in Qatar Airways as stated in the Scholarship Contract.

7. Upon graduation, the Student must immediately sign the Employment Contract with Qatar Airways and accept the department and work location assigned to him/her by Qatar Airways, and will be enrolled in the Graduate Development Programme.

The Student will be obligated to work for a minimum of five (5) years with Qatar Airways after graduation, and his/her future assigned job may require shift duties.

8. University studies are accepted in the following countries: Qatar, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, and such other countries as may be determined by Qatar Airways from time to time.

9. Qatar Airways reserves the right to change the admission requirements, conditions of acceptance, accepted study majors, accepted universities, and the accepted study locations at any time without prior notice.


Required Documents and Submittals

In order to submit and proceed with the application on the Qatar Airways’ website, the applicant must ensure that the following documents are available and ready before starting the application (in jpeg, png, pdf, or word format):

(A) For All Applicants:

The following documents must all be provided (uploaded) by all applicants:

Personal Documents:

1. Copy (coloured) of Student’s valid passport.

2. Copy (coloured) of Student’s valid Qatar ID card (both sides).

3. Copy (coloured) of Student’s recent passport-sized photo.

4. Copy (coloured) of Guarantor’s valid passport.

5. Copy (coloured) of Guarantor’s valid Qatar ID card (both sides).

 Educational and Other Documents:

6. If studying outside the State of Qatar, submission of a copy of the Pre-approval Letter from the Qatar Ministry of Education permitting the Student to study overseas in the named university and in the study major.

7. Copy of the original unconditional letter of acceptance from the university the Student is currently enrolled in (issued at start of Student’s enrolment) showing the original courses/subjects, study plan, original study start and end dates, and course fees.

8. Copy of official recent university transcripts showing all subjects/modules, individual and overall marks, and all credit hours.

9. Official letter from the university (university academic advisor) stating the expected graduation date and the study plan, which indicates the number of units and/or hours required for graduation and their distribution over semesters or academic years.

10. For male Qatari Students, copy of the Certificate of completion, deferral, of exemptions of the Qatar National Service.

11. To Whom It May Concern letter from the Qatar Ministry of Education that the Student is not under scholarship from the Ministry of Education.

12. Letter “To Whom It May Concern” for proof of Student’s non-employment from the Qatar Ministry of Labour.

(B) Additional Documents for Qatari-Mother Applicants:

For Qatari-Mother applicants, all of the following additional documents must also be provided:

13. Copy of mother’s ID Card (both sides).

14. Copy of Student’s birth certificate issued by the Qatar Ministry of Health.

15. To Whom It May Concern Certificate (from Qatar Ministry of Education) stating that all educational stages have been completed in Qatari schools.

16. Copy of Student’s Qatari High School Certificate (or the Equivalency Certificate issued by the Qatar Ministry of Education).

Shortlisting and Selection

1st Stage: Initial Shortlisted Candidates

Following the submission of all data and documents (and the review by Qatar  Airways), if the Student is shortlisted in the initial candidates’ list, the Student will be notified to attend a personal interview with the Qatar Airways’ selection panel, and may be requested to undergo any required tests and/or submit any required, updated, or missing documents.

2nd Stage: Selected Candidates

If the Student is selected, he/she will be notified in writing and he/she shall be required to:

1. Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (CID Clearance) from the Qatar Ministry of Interior.

2. Undergo and pass the required medical tests.

3. Provide the Guarantor’s recent salary certificate, or recent pension salary certificate (not older than 3 months), or valid commercial company register owned by the Guarantor.

4. Provide Student’s Qatari local bank IBAN number certificate.

5. Sign (together with his/her Guarantor) the Scholarship Contract with Qatar Airways.

Accepted Study Majors

Download the Admission requirements in pdf format. 

Please make sure that you have all the required documents ready (in jpeg, png, pdf, or word format) before proceeding to the application page.

For more information contact:


+974 4022 2096