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The Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Designed for world-class journeys

By combining a masterpiece of aeronautical engineering with refined on-board hospitality, Qatar Airways proudly offers you a flight experience like no other.

Whether you are seeking a superior experience for business or leisure travel, our new 787 Dreamliner is an exemplary choice, connecting you to the leading cities in the world.

An unparalleled travel experience

Qatar Airways' award-winning crew will make you feel at home as you sit back and relax in roomier seat. Larger electronically-dimmable windows create dramatic vistas and provide natural light. Full-spectrum LED lighting will set the mood and help you adjust to changing time zones. 

You’ll arrive to your destination feeling refreshed due to the Boeing 787 Dream liner’s lower cabin pressure, improved air quality and optimal humidity.

A seat above the rest

Every seat is an aisle seat in Business Class. The cabin configuration forms a unique diamond shape, allowing you to adapt your personal space to suit your needs. You can catch up on sleep in a fully-reclined seat or make productive use of your time at a large work surface.
Our customers can also enjoy more space in Economy than ever before. A full 30-inch of personal space with a 31-inch seat pitch means more room for everyone to stretch out.

Innovation at its best

The world’s first dual-screen interface allows you to multi-task, such as playing a game on your hand-held device while watching a movie on your personal screen.  The innovative entertainment and communication systems feature an intuitive touch-screen control unit, giving you convenient access to hundreds of entertaining possibilities.

Best of all, onboard Wi-Fi makes it easy to stay connected across continents with friends, colleagues and clients.

Delights to fly for

World-renowned chefs have been chosen to create a unique and diverse Business Class menu. Delight in extraordinary cuisine and an on-demand service that allows you to enjoy sweet or savory delicacies whenever you like. 

All of our meals and desserts are made with a focus on the quality and freshness of ingredients.