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Arabic New Releases

  • Sâad Lamjarrad 01

    Sâad Lamjarrad

  • Mazzika Singles 5

    Various Artists

  • Zekrayati

    Carole Samaha

  • Ya 100 Nawart


  • Nancy 9

    Nancy Ajram

  • Agmal Layaly Omry

    Ramy Sabry

  • Mazzika Singles 1

    Various Artists

  • Solo Hits

    Various Artists

  • Moroccan Best of Modern Hits

    Various Artists

  • Wala Kelma

    Mai Selim

  • Ella Rasoul Allah

    Ehab Tawfik

  • Estehtarak Biya

    Khaled Abdel Moneam

  • Betfakkar Fi Eh

    Nancy Ajram

  • Al Ragel

    Ramy Sabry

  • Mazzika Singles 3

    Various Artists

  • Helm Hayatak

    Shaimaa Saeed

  • Yalla Naeesh

    Ahmed Gamal

  • Nancy 7

    Nancy Ajram

  • Mazzika Singles 4

    Various Artists

  • Helm Bokra

    Sherif Moustafa

  • Moroccan Music 03

    Various Artists

  • Ahla W Ahla

    Amr Diab

  • Best Of Hatim Idar Ya Wlidi

    Hatim Ammor

  • Best of Diana Haddad

    Diana Haddad

  • Ramadan Contemporary

    Various Artists

  • Best Of  Haytham Shaker

    Haytham Shaker

  • Alam Tany

    Mohamed Salama

  • Diana Haddad 01

    Diana Haddad

  • Nokta Baykha

    Magd El Qasem

  • Nemt Maqhour

    Saif Amer

  • Mazzika Singles 2

    Various Artists

  • Bantalony El Jeans

    Wust El Balad

  • Chawki 01


  • Moroccan Best of Modern Hits 03

    Various Artists

  • Agmal Aghany El Duetto El Arabia

    Various Artists

  • El Haeea


  • Mawlaya Sobhanak

    Moustafa Amar

  • Adaeya Pt. 3

    Mahmoud Helal

  • Eish Brahtak

    Nour Ali

  • Rakasny Ya Ashek El Saks

    Samir Soror

  • Moroccan Modern Music 04

    Various Artists

  • Ana Al Mowaqea Adnah

    Yuri Mrakadi

  • Sid El Houari

    Cheb Kader

  • Ostaz El Hawa

    Khaled Selim

  • Ahla Aghany El Atfal

    Various Artists

  • Marhala Gedida

    Haitham Nabil

  • Marwan Khoury 01

    Marwan Khoury

  • Wana Maah

    Ramy Sabry

  • Moroccan Music 01

    Various Artists

  • Meaddy El Nas

    Amr Diab

  • Latifa Raafat 01

    Latifa Raafat

  • Nancy 8

    Nancy Ajram

  • Maykhosneesh

    Menna Attia

  • Lebanese Hits 2018

    Various Artists

  • Jalsah Maghrebeya SKR

    Various Artists

Arabic Audio Books

  • HBR'S 10 Must Reads: The Essentials

    Ibrahim Al Damja

  • Life Without Diabetes

    Naji Alghani

  • Bedtime Stories - Adventures of the Princesses

    Hanadi Mazboudi

  • Spark: How Creativity Works

    Waled Ejal

  • The Flowers' Petals

    Mostafa Saadeq Al Rafeai

  • The Sealed Nectar

    Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri

  • Refresh your life

    Muhammad al-Ghazali

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programing

    Ibrahim Al Fiqi

  • 33 Reasons to be Submissive While You Pray

    Sheikh Mohamed…

  • Forty rule of coffee

    Mahmoud Abdraziq Gouma

  • The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything

    Hanan El Saeh

The Holy Qura'an

  • Recite from the Holy Qura'an

    Sheikh Faleh Al Hajry

  • The Holy Qura'an

    Sheikh Mal Allah Bin Abdul Rehman Jaber

  • The Holy Qura'an

    Sheikh Abdul Rasheed Sufi

  • The Holy Qura'an

    Sheikh Abdullah Ali Basfar

  • The Holy Qura'an

    El Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil El Hosary

  • The Holy Qura'an

    Meshary Rashid Al-Afasy

Arabic Modern Hits

  • Walid Toufic-Top Hits

    Walid Toufic

  • Aweeny Beek

    Samira Saeed

  • Viva Arabia 3

    Various Artists

  • Hassan El Asmar 01

    Hassan El Asmar

  • Yama Alo

    Nawal El Zoghbi

  • Elly Atmanetoh

    Nawal El Zoghbi

  • Bravo Alayki

    Ragheb Alama

  • Habibi Ya Nasi

    Ragheb Alama

  • Kol De Eshaat

    Samira Saeed

  • Moroccan Best of Modern Hits 02

    Various Artists

  • Alby Bayrtahlak


  • Alroaia

    Omar Khairat

  • El Hob El Kebir

    Ragheb Alama

  • Mezmar Balady


  • Dawa Al Lail / Rahal

    Ragheb Alama

  • Taw'aam Rouhi

    Ragheb Alama

  • Akher Hawa

    Samira Saeed

  • Oriental Beats

    Various Artists

  • Fark Kebir

    Ragheb Alama

  • Ya Tabtab Wa Dallaa

    Nancy Ajram

  • Alby Eshaekha

    Ragheb Alama

  • Al Gany Baad Youmeen Live

    Samira Saeed

  • Mazzika Hot 1

    Various Artists

  • Yamama

    Ali El Haggar

  • Bent El Hetta

    Khaled Agag

  • Ba'sha'ak

    Ragheb Alama

  • Saharouny El Leil

    Ragheb Alama

  • Ya Hayaty

    Ragheb Alama

  • Mazzika Hot 3

    Various Artists

  • El Amar

    Samo Zain

  • Allem Alby

    Amr Diab

  • Ahlamy

    Laila Ghoufran

  • Wahabyat 2

    Omar Khairat

  • El Hedia / Wadana

    Ragheb Alama

  • Sneen Rayha

    Ragheb Alama

  • Ya Rayt

    Ragheb Alama

  • Leek Lewahdak

    Samo Zain

  • Viva Arabia 4

    Various Artists

  • The Best For Hesham Abbas

    Hesham Abbas

  • Eaatraf

    Ragaa Belmalih

  • Maygouz

    Ragheb Alama

  • Eneik Kaddabin

    Nawal El Zoghbi

  • Samira Said Greatest Htis

    Samira Saeed

  • Ahla Ma Ghana Amr Diab

    Amr Diab

  • Haflet Bairout p1

    Kazem El Saher

  • Dameer Abla Hikmat

    Omar Khairat

  • Ragheb Alama Greatest Hits

    Ragheb Alama

  • Zay Ay Atnen

    Samo Zain

  • Eh El Azama De Kolaha

    Walid Tawfic

  • Youm Wara Youm

    Samira Saeed

  • Oriental Lounge

    Various Artists

  • Mesh Mesamha

    Nawal Al Zoghbi

  • Ghawaiesh

    Omar Khairat

  • Habib Dehkati

    Ragheb Alama

Jazz & Blues

  • Hard Again

    Muddy Waters

  • Habana Dreams

    The Pedrito Martinez Group

  • Blues

    Alabama 3

  • Perfect Machine

    Herbie Hancock

  • Nice’N’Easy

    Thomas Quasthoff 

  • Changes

    Charles Bradley

  • Kind Of Blue

    Miles Davis

  • Where You Are Going To

    Robin Trower

  • Nautiloid Quest


  • I Know I Dream: The Orchestral Sessions (Deluxe Version)

    Stacey Kent

  • Music IS

    Bill Frisell

  • Together, As One


  • Instinct


  • For You a Thousand Times

    Silje Nergaard

  • The Good Life

    Till Brönner

  • The Ultimate Collection

    Take That

  • Love Politics War

    YolanDa Brown

  • Born to Play Guitar

    Buddy Guy

  • The Popular

    Duke Ellington

  • Lilies

    Melanie De Biasio

  • Freedom Jazz Dance: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5

    Miles Davis Quintet

  • New York Afternoon

    Snowboy & The Latin Section

  • Cut Against the Grain

    Aaron Keylock

  • So It Is

    Preservation Hall Jazz Band

  • Dave Brubeck's Greatest

    Dave Brubeck

  • Nightfall

    Till Brönner & Dieter Ilg

  • Two Friends, One Century of Music (Live)

    Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil

  • The Songbook Sessions: Ella Fitzgerald

    Jane Monheit

  • Laura Mvula with Metro...

    Laura Mvula

  • The Final Tour 1960: The Bootleg Series Vol 6

    Miles Davis & John Coltrane

  • Holding the Stage

    Sonny Rollins

  • We're All In This Together

    Walter Trout

  • Everything’s Beautiful

    Robert Glasper & Miles Davis

  • Time and the River

    David Sanborn

  • Pierced Arrow

    The Rides

  • In My Solitude: Live at Grace Cathedral

    Branford Marsalis

  • Lay It on Down

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

  • Love Letters


  • The Legendary Live Tapes 1978-1981

    Weather Report

  • Escape Velocity

    Theo Croker

  • Upward Spiral

    Branford Marsalis Quartet & Kurt Elling

  • In Movement

    J. Dejohnette, R.Coltrane & M.Garrison

  • Miles Ahead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    Miles Davis

  • Prayer For Peace

    North Mississippi Allstars

  • When You Wish Upon a Star

    Bill Frisell

  • Potsdamer Platz

    Jan Lundgren

  • The Questions

    Kurt Elling

  • Nefertiti

    Miles Davis

  • Je Dis Oui

    Pink Martini

  • Humanize

    The Human Project

  • The Silver Lining - The Songs of Jerome Kern

    Tony Bennett & Bill Charlap

  • The Centennial Collection

    Billie Holiday

  • Nordub

    Sly & Robbie, Nils Pettar Molvær

  • The Essential Frank Sinatra - The Columbia Years

    Frank Sinatra

  • At Newport 1955 - 1975; The Bootleg Series Vol. 4

    Miles Davis


  • II


  • Firepower

    Judas Priest

  • Marbles In the Park


  • Blood On The Tracks

    Bob Dylan

  • Sorceress


  • Mapping the Rendezvous


  • The Future Ain't What It Used to Be


  • Unpeeled

    Cage the Elephant

  • Rattle That Lock

    David Gilmour

  • Ryan Adams

    Ryan Adams

  • London Calling

    The Clash

  • One Small Piece

    Theo Verney

  • Strange Little Birds


  • Synthesis


  • Grace

    Jeff Buckley

  • Turbo 30 (30th Anniversary Edition)

    Judas Priest

  • Wired (Explicit)

    Mallory Knox

  • Ten

    Pearl Jam

  • New Skin


  • Americana

    Ray Davies

  • Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect

    Sundara Karma

  • Dream Police

    Cheap Trick

  • Alone In the Universe


  • Santana IV


  • Who You Selling For

    The Pretty Reckless

  • Outsider

    Three Days Grace

  • The Colour and the Shape

    Foo Fighters

  • Last Place


  • Integrity Blues

    Jimmy Eat World

  • Both Sides of the Sky

    Jimi Hendrix

  • Coming Up for Air


  • Resistance is Futile

    Manic Street Preachers

  • Broken Machine

    Nothing But Thieves

  • Call It What It Is

    Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

  • Fed to the Lions

    Tax The Heat

  • Greatest Hits

    Bruce Springsteen & The E Street...

  • English Graffiti

    The Vaccines

  • Elvis At Sun

    Elvis Presley

  • Is This the Life We Really Want?

    Roger Waters

  • Heartworms

    The Shins

  • Power Trios

    Various Artists

  • Supermodel

    Foster The People

  • What Happens Next

    Joe Satriani

  • You Want It Darker

    Leonard Cohen

  • Stories From Far Away on Piano

    James Heather

  • Well, Hell

    Lauren Ruth Ward

  • Sittin' Heavy

    Monster Truck

  • The Last Hero

    Alter Bridge

  • Definitely Maybe


  • Tell Me I'm Pretty

    Cage The Elephant

  • Virtue

    The Voidz

  • Def Leppard

    Def Leppard

  • Schmilco


  • Concrete and Gold (Explicit)

    Foo Fighters

  • 1989.0

    Ryan Adams

  • Electric Ladyland

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience

  • Lo Moon

    Lo Moon

  • Skeleton Tree

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

  • We Move

    James Vincent McMorrow

  • Mechanical Bull

    Kings Of Leon

  • Everything Now

    Arcade Fire

  • Born To Run

    Bruce Springsteen

  • Weather Dairies


  • Big Balloon

    Dutch Uncles

  • Proud Disturber of the Peace

    William the Conqueror

  • Sonic Highways

    Foo Fighters

  • Sunny Afternoon

    The Kinks

  • Classic Rock

    Various Artists

  • El Dorado

    Gizmo Varillas

  • Boarding House Reach (Explicit)

    Jack White

  • Who Built the Moon?

    Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds


    Kings Of Leon

  • Bat Out Of Hell

    Meat Loaf

  • Back In Black


  • Chapter and Verse

    Bruce Springsteen

  • All These Countless Nights

    Deaf Havana (Explicit)

  • Hollow Bones

    Rival Sons

  • Like An Arrow

    Blackberry Smoke

  • Make Some Noise

    The Dead Daisies

  • Combat Sports

    The Vaccines

  • War Is Over

    Von Hertzen Bothers

  • Walk the Earth


  • Power Ballads

    Various Artists

  • The Tel-Star Sessions

    Gov't Mule

  • Lazaretto

    Jack White

  • 2.009027777777778


  • The Essential Leonard...

    Leonard Cohen

  • Year of the Tiger

    Myles Kennedy

  • Soul Searchin'

    Jimmy Barnes

  • Little Dark Age


  • Rock or Bust


  • A Version of Now

    Peter Garrett

  • Highway 61 Revisited

    Bob Dylan

  • Infinite

    Deep Purple

  • Ouroboros

    Ray LaMontagne

  • Lady In Gold

    Blues Pills

  • Are You Experienced?

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience

  • Standing on the Edge

    Cheap Trick

  • Rip it Up


  • Out in the Storm


  • Stay Gold

    First Aid Kit

  • Supernatural


  • The Essential Collection

    Hall & Oates

  • For Crying Out Loud


  • This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours

    Manic Street Preachers

  • Nathaniel Rateliff The Night Sweats

    Nathaniel Rateliff

  • Fire on the Floor

    Beth Hart

  • ORYX ONE ROCKS with Joey Tempest

    QR Exclusive: Joey Tempest

  • Triplicate (Sampler)

    Bob Dylan

  • The Long Road Home

    Danny Worsnop

  • These People

    Richard Ashcroft

  • Here

    Teenage Fanclub

  • Wrong Crowd (Deluxe)

    Tom Odell

  • All I Need Deluxe



  • Golden Oldies


  • Classical Collection

    Penny Gore

  • Sky Hits

    Yasmin Evans

  • Jazzthology

    Alyn Shipton

  • Alternative Nation


  • Bollyworld


  • Urban Download


  • Asian Beat


  • Ayam Zaman


  • Angham


  • The Rock Show

    Darren Redick

BBC Radio In-Concert

  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra play Adam’s Lollapalooza, Dvorak’s Violin Concerto and Mahler’s Symphony No. 1

    Proms 2017

  • Arcade Fire, 2007

    Glastonbury Highlights

  • In Concert - Deep Purple

    Deep Purple

  • In Concert - Tears For Fears

    Tears For Fears

  • In Concert - Coldplay


  • Live at Wigmore Hall: Borodin Quartet & Michael Collins

    Classical Music

  • Kylie Minogue

    In Concert

  • In Concert - Concert 3 - Rachmaninov & Tchaikovsky

    Concert 3 - Rachmaninov & Tchaikovsky

  • In Concert - Live at Wigmore Hall: Hagen Quartet

    Live at Wigmore Hall: Hagen Quartet

  • The Pixies

    In Concert

  • Jessie J, 2011

    Glastonbury Highlights

  • In Concert - Paloma Faith

    Paloma Faith

  • Pygmalion perform Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610 to mark the 450th anniversary of the composer’s birth

    Proms 2017

  • Blondie

    In Concert

  • Amy Winehouse, 2007

    Glastonbury Highlights

BBC Radio Drama

  • Blinded by Science

    Paul Viragh

  • Of Mice and Men,

    John Steinbeck

  • The Small House at Allington

    Michael Symmons Roberts

  • Northanger Abbey


BBC Radio Reading

  • Mad Enchantment

    Ross King

  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

    Yuval Noah Harari/Adrian Scarborough

  • The BFG - Readings


  • Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads

    Paul Theroux/Henry Goodman

  • The Music Shop

    BBC Radio Reading

  • Michael Palin Diaries: the Python Years

    Michael Palin

BBC Children's Stories

  • Eat Up Gemma

    Sarah Hayes/Khai Shaw

  • Rabbit’s Wish

    Paul Stewart/Anthony Head

  • Mrs Armitage, Queen of the Road

    Quentin Blake/Zoe Wanamaker

  • Little Baa

    Kim Lewis/Chris Jarvis

  • Jamelia’s Dress

    Niki Daly/Sophie Oken

BBC International Features

  • David Bowie - Heroes, presented by Debbie Harry

    Classic Singles

  • Rhind Mathematical Papyrus

    A History of the World in 100 Objects

  • The Food Programme - New Wine Generation


  • Marvin Gaye - What's Going on, presented by David Gray

    Classic Singles

  • Tunes from the Trash


  • The Rosetta Stone

    A History of the World in 100 Objects

  • Moving to the Red Planet


  • Free Will

    In Our Time

  • Steve Earle’s Songwriting Bootcamp


  • Mummy of Hornedjitef

    A History of the World in 100 Objects

  • In Our Time - Carbon


  • In Our Time - Robin Hood


  • For One Night Only – Eric Clapton Unplugged

    Paul Gambaccini

  • The Uncommon Senses


  • Leonard Cohen's Tower of Song

    BBC International Features

  • 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy


  • Desperately Seeking Mozart

    Paul Robinson

  • 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy

    BBC International Features

  • Always the Bridesmaid


  • Samurai

    In Our Time

  • How to Write a Power Ballad

    BBC International Features

  • The Food Programme - Chinatowns


  • For One Night Only - BB King Live at The Regal

    Paul Gambaccini

BBC Desert Island Discs

  • Matt Smith

    Desert Island Discs

  • Ant & Dec

    Desert Island Discs

  • Christopher Nolan

    Desert Island Discs

  • Kelsey Grammer

    Desert Island Discs

  • Tom Jones

    Desert Island Discs

  • James Corden

    Desert Island Discs

  • Michael Caine

    Desert Island Discs

  • John McEnroe

    Desert Island Discs

  • Christine McVie

    Desert Island Discs

  • Roberto Alagna

    Desert Island Discs

  • Goldie Hawn

    Desert Island Discs

  • 75 Years of Desert Island Discs

    Desert Island Discs


  • Melting


  • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2


  • LOL


  • The Producers OST

    Various Artists

  • Good Luck




  • Good Timing


  • EX'ACT


  • Hwarang (Music from the Original TV Series)


  • Voice of Autumn


  • Peeps


  • Where's The Truth


  • Strongest Deliveryman (Music from the Original TV Series)


  • Turning Point


  • Visions of a Life (Explicit)

    Wolf Alice

  • Minzy Work 01 Uno


  • Eclipse


  • The Clan 2.5 Part.1 Lost

    Monsta X

  • Mi Amor


  • Full Moon


  • Exile & Grace

    King King

  • Blooming Period

    Block B


  • Wonder Future

    Asian Kung-Fu Generation

  • Just LOVE

    Kana Nishino

  • The End

    Nana feat. Mika Nakashima

  • MTV Unplugged

    Mika Nakashima

  • ClariS SINGLE BEST 1st


  • Sorezore No Isu



    Mika Nakashima / 中島美嘉

  • Nothing But Your Love

    Toshi Kubota

  • Violet Cry


  • Love Bebop


  • We Are X Soundtrack


  • Dawn


  • The Still Life

    Ken Hirai



  • Sol-fa

    Asian Kung-Fu Generation

  • The World's On Fire


  • Yellow


  • Garasu Wo Ware! (Special Edition)


  • Secret Collection - GREEN

    Kana Nishino


    Shota Shimizu

  • Party Time




  • Negai EP / 願い EP

    MIREI / 當山みれい

  • Ano Hi Ano Toki

    Kazumasa Oda

  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

    Puffy AmiYumi

  • D'AZUR

    Eir Aoi

  • Snack JUJU Yoru No Request


  • Honey



  • It's No Big Deal/了不起寂寞

    Princess Ai/戴愛玲

  • My Way To Love

    Eric Chou

  • A-Lin


  • What Love Has Taught Us

    Eric Chou

  • Michael Crazy Memories Tour Live

    Michael Wong

  • Wanderer

    Cara Dillon

  • Love Odyssey

    Hu Xia

  • Survival Guide


  • Be My Own Friend

    Della Ding

  • Nine Ways To Enjoy Loneliness / 九種使用孤獨的正確方式

    Michael Wong / 光良

  • Style

    Jeff Chang

  • Stay

    The X-Men Collection

  • You

    Alex Chou

  • A Friend

    Gary Chaw

  • It's You & Elvis

    Elvis Tian

  • Dear World

    Maggie Chiang

  • Day By Day

    Hebe Tien

  • Rainie Yang Essential / 再見 青春 極精選

    Rainie Yang / 楊丞琳

  • History Of Tomorrow


  • Matzka Station


  • The Chaos After You / 如果雨之後

    Eric Chou / 周興哲

  • Unbroken

    Rosie Yang

  • When I Look Back / 我想念我自己

    Julia Peng / 彭佳慧

  • It All Started From An Intro / 硬戳

    Weibird Wei / 韋禮安

  • These Days

    Chris Yu

  • Me And My Brahms

    Evan Yo

  • Goodman

    Phil Lam

  • Sell Like Hot Cakes

    Yoga Lin


  • Recall

    Angela Pang

  • Escape

    Jason Chan

  • My Taste Of Life

    Phil Lam / 林奕匡

  • Tales - Live 2013/14

    Jason Chan

  • [am] 5

    Danny Summer

  • Phil Like…Live 2017

    Phil Lam

  • 2020 Arrival

    Danny Summer

  • Steel Box Collection - Cass Phang

    Cass Phang

  • Never Stop / 不停站


  • R.I.S.E

    Chita Yu

  • I

    Jason Chan / 陳柏宇

  • The Makings Of

    Mischa Ip

  • Dear J

    June Tang

  • Resonance

    Phil Lam

World Music

  • The Source

    Afro Celt Sound System

  • Phoenix

    Matthias Reim

  • Someone

    Allen Su

  • Mon Coeur Avait Raison

    Maitre Gims

  • Caos


  • CNCO


  • Zero Gravity

    Lorenzo Fragola

  • Buena Vida

    Diego Torres

  • Musical Roots - Africa

    Various Artists

  • I'll Find a Way

    Blind Boys of Alabama

  • Archivo Pittoresco

    Lula Pena

  • Buena Vista Social Club

    Buena Vista Social Club

  • vyzhivut tol'ko vlublennye

    Nochnye Snaipery

  • La confusion

    Amadou & Mariam

  • Poi, vesna


  • Life In a Paper Boat

    Kate Rusby

  • Die neue Best of Andrea Berg

    Andrea Berg

  • Metromonk

    Manu Delago


  • Nee Na OST

    Various Artists

  • Sauparnika

    K.J. Yesudas

  • Hits Of Madhu

    Various Artists

  • Pathemari OST

    Various Artists

  • Jamna Pyari OST

    Various Artists

  • P. Jayachandran Hits

    P. Jayachandran

  • 100 Days Of Love OST

    Various Artists

  • Hits Of Vijay Yesudas

    Vijay Yesudas

  • Aamayum Muyalum OST

    Various Artists

  • Poonilamazha


  • Special Hits of K. S. Chithra

    Chithra & Various Artists

  • Retro Gold: Malayalam


  • Uber Cool

    K.J. Yesudas

  • Guinness World Records 2016

    P. Susheela

  • Kumbasaram OST

    Various Artists

  • Shreya Ghoshal Hits

    Shreya Ghoshal


  • 20 Biggest Hits Harris Jayaraj, Vol. 2

    Harris Jayaraj

  • Blockbuster Latest Hits Tamil

    Various Artists

  • Sounds Of Madras:

    Anirudh Ravichander

  • Kabali

    Santhosh Narayanan

  • Evergreen Hits Of Vidyasagar

    Various Artists

  • Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga

    Various Artists

  • MasterWorks: Vaalee


  • Miruthan OST

    Various Artists

  • Biggest Hits of Rahman

    A. R. Rahman

  • Sounds of Madras

    D. Imman

  • Anegan OST

    Various Artists

  • Best of Yuvan Shankar Raja

    Yuvan Shankar Raja

  • O Kadhal Kanmani OST

    Various Artists

  • A.R. Rahman Essentials (Love)

    A.R. Rahman

  • Hit Songs of Mano


  • Best Of 2016 (Tamil)

    Various Artists

  • Romeo Juliet OST

    Various Artists

  • Best Of S.P. Balasubrahmanyam

    S. P. Balasubrahmanyam

  • Maari OST

    Various Artists

  • The Big 20: Love Hits

    Various Artists

  • Chinmayi: Straight From The Heart


  • My Playlist: Ilaiyaraaja


  • 20 Biggest Hits  Harris Jayaraj, Vol. 1

    Harris Jayaraj

  • MasterWorks: Na. Muthukumar

    Various Artists

  • Purampokku OST

    Various Artists

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