Accessibility features

Various features are currently being implemented to ensure content on qatarairways.com is simply perceived, understood, used and interpreted by different user groups and agents:
  • Flight bookings: all users, including customers using assistive technologies, are able to complete flight bookings and online check-in
  • Site structure: assistive devices can easily interpert the site structure of qatarairways.com 
  • Keyboard shortcuts: dedicated ‘skip to content’ or ‘skip to booking’ links have been added to the top of web pages, allowing customers to use keyboard shortcuts to browse online content
  • Alternative text: images displayed on qatarairways.com are accompanied by alternative text explaining the information shown on the image for customers with low vision 
  • NVDA: Customers with low vision can easily navigate through qatarairways.com using the available computerised screen reader, NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA)

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