Manage your trip

Everything you need for smoother travel is available at your fingertips.

Choose your seat; modify your booking; change your destination; pay in advance for excess baggage; or even book a hotel. You can conveniently manage your booking with Qatar Airways online.

Here's what you can do online:

Book, modify or cancel your flights at your convenience; without having to wait on the phone or in person. The feature also allows you to add or update your Privilege Club membership details.

Whether window or aisle, this option allows you to easily reserve your seat of choice.

On our website, you can pre-order special meals to suit your dietary needs or request travel assistance.

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You can modify your contact details like your email address and contact number, and even add your Privilege Club membership number. You can also update your emergency contact details.

If your booking requires additional payment verification, you can submit the supporting documentation online with ease.

We offer discounted rates when you pay for your excess baggage online.

Choose from a variety of car-rental companies and book your car without any hassle directly from our website.

Put your mind at ease and buy your travel insurance before embarking on your journey. This feature is currently available only for passengers travelling from Qatar or Kuwait. Other countries to be added soon.

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Search for a hotel to suit your budget or desired location, then choose from multiple options and confirm your reservation directly through our website.

Book a hotel

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