5 reasons Doha should be on your travel bucket list | Qatar Airways
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Explore a destination often left undiscovered and spend a few extra days in Doha on your next stopover with Qatar Airways. There are many reasons Qatar should be added to your travel bucket list. If it isn’t for the extravagant food scene, then it should be for the adventurous, thrill-seeking activities or the indulgent and luxurious, five-star experiences.

Discover Doha, with our top five reasons that Qatar’s capital city should be added to your list, straight from the mouths of some of the USA’s most traveled. 

1. The extravagant and indulgent food scene

Many visitors cannot get enough of Doha’s incredible food scene, influenced by Qatar’s culture and diversity. Doha is home to some of the most extravagant and indulgent food experiences you may ever encounter, from all-you-can-eat brunches to gastronomic dinners.

“I didn’t expect Doha to be so diverse – and I think the restaurants and food offerings are a reflection of that diversity. Whether you’re looking for authentic street food or unique fares, you won’t be disappointed,” said Jessica Wang @NotJessFashion.

2. Unique, adventurous activities

Most of Qatar is represented by desert scenes making it the perfect destination for thrill-seekers. It is abundant with adventurous activities that are bound to get your adrenaline pumping, from camel riding to dune bashing.

“The most enjoyable experience in Doha was dune bashing. It was so much fun driving up and down sand dunes for several hours, and the desert was gorgeous,” said Eric Stoen @Travelbabbo.


Pictured above: Sunita Ramnarine @SunitaV_ with camels in the Qatar desert

3. Luxurious, five-star experiences

Doha is a hub of lavish experiences, from luxury shopping to glitzy five-star resorts and indulgent dining.

“Doha was on my bucket list for a reason, there are many great things such as The Pearl and Doha’s lavish shopping experiences – I always knew I’d want to see the city,” said Jessica Wang @NotJessFashion.

“Doha has luxurious scenes everywhere, it’s a very clean city,” said Diana Marks @DianaMarksOfficial.


Pictured on the right: Elona Karafin @elona enjoying a resort brunch with the backdrop of the Doha skyline

4. Authentic and immersive culture

Whilst Doha is a luxe and modern destination, it has maintained its culture and heritage more than most cities in the Middle East. There are many authentic experiences to be had in Doha including the National Museum of Qatar, local mosques, The Pearl, the Souq Waqif and much more.

 “I’m really interested in arts and culture whenever I travel, so the local markets and historic sites were a memorable way to soak that in,” said Jessica Wang @NotJessFashion.

“We loved exploring the Souq Waqif, we adventured through enchanted alleyways filled with traditional Qatari handicrafts, spices, garments and more. Every twist and turn was picture-worthy, and we left with many Qatari treasures that we’ll cherish forever,” said Alli and Bobby Talley @Traveling_Newlyweds.

Pictured above: Diana Marks @DianaMarksOfficial exploring The Pearl

5. Exceptional and diverse architecture

Doha is a hub of impressive architecture, with new infrastructure rising all over the city. The skyline is constantly evolving with modern skyscrapers, traditional mosques and unique masterpieces created by renowned architects.

Along with the iconic Museum of Islamic Art, the National Museum of Qatar is one of these masterpieces. The new museum is also known as the “desert rose”. Aptly named as it was built to mimic a rock formation that occurs in the desert and typically looks just like a rose. Designed by Atelier Jean Novel, the National Museum of Qatar is drawing visitors from all over the globe.

Doha has also seen recent architectural developments in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2022, with innovation and sustainability kept as a priority. A large number of the stadiums being constructed for the FIFA World Cup have been designed with the intention of being repurposed in third world countries after the tournament has concluded.

“Doha blew us away with its striking architecture and we cannot wait to return,” said Alli and Bobby Talley @Traveling_Newlyweds.

Pictured above: Sunita Ramnarine @SunitaV_ infront of the Museum of Islamic Art

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