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28 January 2018

Located on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand is a breathtaking coastal city with unparalleled natural beauty. This is a place where an unforgettable experience is waiting at every turn.

Discover Pattaya



6 February 2018

Experience a vibrant city full of culture, history and natural beauty. Embark on a trip full of memorable sights, sounds and flavours.

Discover Penang



11 February 2018

Tailored for business and leisure travellers alike, Canberra is Australia at its most charming – a quirky yet cosmopolitan hub, full of surprises.

Discover Canberra



27 March 2018

Journey to Greece’s second largest city and find yourself surrounded by history shaped with beauty and splendour. 

Discover Thessaloniki



4 April 2018


Visit this ancient province and uncover its legendary past. There is so much beauty and history to be discovered in Hatay.

Discover Hatay



1 May 2018

The capital of Wales, Cardiff is a vibrant city that manages to remain fiercely proud of its rich history while keeping its feet firmly planted in the 21st century. 

Discover Cardiff

United Kingdom

London Gatwick

22 May 2018

Experience London from our second gateway. Head to one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities and experience the economic and cultural influence of the iconic capital of the UK.

Discover London



30 May 2018

Discover an extraordinary island steeped with picturesque views, world-class beaches and traditional Cycladic architecture where every moment is meant to be cherished.

Discover Mykonos



13 June 2018

Nestled along Spain’s Costa del Sol is Málaga, a thriving coastal city that welcomes visitors with a perfect climate all year round.

Discover Málaga



12 June 2018

Discover spectacular beaches, historic landmarks and white-washed houses exquisitely decorated with colourful bougainvilleas in this charming seaside retreat.

Discover Bodrum



13 June 2018

Journey to a charming resort city, famous for its countless archeological sites, a picturesque harbour lined with superb restaurants and long sandy beaches.


Discover Antalya

United States

Las Vegas

The Bellagio Gallery, hotel rollercoasters and the magic of David Copperfield are few of the attractions that make Las Vegas one of the most entertaining breaks available on the US’ west coast.

Discover Las Vegas

United States

San Francisco

Home to 21st century technological innovation, discover a city that dances to its own beat, has its own unique personality and welcomes visitors from all over the world.


Discover San Francisco



Medan’s rich mix of ethnic groups and its wide boulevards, spacious parks and grand buildings sit among modern developments, thereby offering plenty to the curious traveller. 

Discover Medan


Rio de Janeiro

With its soaring mountains, lush forests, picturesque shorelines and endless sunshine, Rio de Janeiro is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination.

Discover Rio de Janeiro



Explore a city bursting with energy and teeming with natural treasures. Home to world-class restaurants, a lively mix of cultural offerings and outdoor adventure options – you will be spoiled for choice here.

Discover Santiago



Libreville is not only a key hub for business and commerce, but a draw for the leisure tourist. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find ancient cultural roots that fill Libreville with as much pride as does its modern advancement.

Discover Libreville



Lusaka’s charm lies in the merger of its signature African character with western influences, making it an intriguing proposition for the curious traveller.

Discover Lusaka



Douala is Cameroon’s largest city and the African nation’s main financial and commercial hub. Beyond Douala’s city limits, explorers will be rewarded with a rolling landscape, home to plenty of cultural and historic gems.

Discover Douala

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