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Book a flight to Sharjah with Qatar Airways

So book a flight to Sharjah with Qatar Airways and discover a city where the exotic, the ancient and the contemporary sit comfortably together.

UNESCO named Sharjah the Culture Capital of the Arab World in 1998. The city, much like neighbouring Dubai, effortlessly combines centuries of tradition with modern life.

Sharjah’s stunning architecture delivers a subtle whiff of its heritage, but nothing compared to what you’ll unearth if you take the time to explore. And 21st-century Sharjah also has plenty in store. Something else that cannot fail to escape the visitor’s notice – this is a phenomenally clean city.

Sharjah highlights

Ramadaniat al-Qasba, Silk Street and the Eiman Oasis are just the beginning; Sharjah’s Art Museum is the largest in the Arabian Gulf, and the Blue Souq will keep retail enthusiasts occupied for hours.

  • Tourist attractions

    Ramadaniat al-Qasba is one of the must-see destinations on any trip to Sharjah. Take a stroll down Silk Street and within minutes you will notice the architecture becoming more traditional and detailed. Then you will hear the voices of the scholars who lecture in the Eiman Oasis.

    The Sharjah Art Museum is the largest in the Arabian Gulf, with an extensive collection of works from modern, far-eastern, and Arabic artists. Occasionally, you will find solo exhibitions on show, which give another perspective on Arab life.

    If you are in the mood for a livelier experience, seek out the Blue Souq. The largest in Sharjah, it is housed under a bright blue-tiled roof, and is home to more than 600 shops.

  • Leisure activities

    Despite its rich cultural backdrop, the city has plenty to offer the modern tourist. If you travel to Sharjah with children, there is plenty here to amuse them, such as the Arabian Wildlife Centre. There you will see native flora and fauna, including reptiles, nocturnal animals and big cats, all encamped in a temperate building.

    Alternatively, the Planetarium, close to Sharjah Bridge, offers unparalleled views of the night sky and is the perfect venue for star-gazers of all ages.

    For a taste of what modern Sharjah has to offer, head to Al Qasba, the city’s extraordinary entertainment complex. Soak up the view from the Eye of Emirates Wheel, relax by the Musical Fountains or even take a Sharjah River cruise.

    The emirate also has beaches bathed in Gulf sunshine, and caressed by crystal waters. You can laze on the sand, or get involved in the huge variety of water-sports available, from scuba-diving to jet-skiing. Al Corniche and Al Khan beaches are among the most popular.

  • Food

    Food is an important part of Arabic culture, from the dark, earthy coffee served in shops and cafés, to the traditional dishes sold in souqs and restaurants.

    On your trip to Sharjah, there are a few dishes worth sampling. Dabeli is a dish of mashed potatoes served in a spicy tomato and onion gravy and wedged between two slices of thick, buttered pav – a cross between a stew and a sandwich.

    Bhelpuri exudes far-eastern and Arabic influences. A generous helping of rice, fried threads of garam flour, potatoes, pomegranate seeds and fragrant coriander are surrounded with a banquet of chutneys and other sauces to add as you please.

    Meat-eaters will also find plenty to suit their palate, with lamb used extensively, in thick, fragrant, spicy curries, such as fruity masalas and the spicier vindaloos.

  • Shopping

    Shopping is a cultural experience in the United Arab Emirates and your trip to Sharjah wouldn’t be complete without visiting a souq. Souqs are a gabbling, colourful, aromatic carnival, where you can pick up almost anything.

    While the Blue Souq might be the most eye-catching, the most famous of Sharjah’s bazaars is the Central Souq. This is an evocative maze of tunnels and streets split over two levels and thick with the smells of coffee, spices and grilling meats. It’s well known for its astonishing range of carpets, but you can also find intricate, hand-crafted goods, such as models of Arab dhows, jewellery and beaded bags.

Essential facts about Sharjah

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