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Flights to Turkey with Qatar Airways

At the crossroads of Asia and Europe lies Turkey, a fascinating country that blends the cultures of the East with the innovation of the West. Travel to Turkey with Qatar Airways and explore and exotic destination that blends the ancient and the modern in each of its corners.

Turkey is a vast country composed of many distinctive regions, each with its own cuisine, festivals, traditional costumes and geography. From the verdant Black Sea regions of the north to the tourist resorts of the Aegean and Mediterranean to the west and south respectively, and the parched landscapes of the interior, Turkey is a hugely diverse country. The people are incredibly friendly and proud of their nation, which is a republic founded by Mustapha Kemal –commonly known as Ataturk—, who led the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire and Sultanate after World War I.

Turkey’s central location as a bridge between Europe and Asia has granted it a rich and long history that saw major powers competing for this magnificent country. You’ll find Roman amphitheatres next to Hittite cities, mosques beside Orthodox churches, and in the Aegean region white marble ruins still stand from when the ancient Greeks were here in cities like Ephesus. Persians, Greeks and Romans have all left their mark on this antique land.

Western Turkey is the most prosperous and developed area, with Istanbul standing out as a major travel destination. This grand old metropolis was founded by the Roman emperor Constantine and was capital of the Byzantine Empire for a thousand years. The Bosporus bisects the only city in the world that stands on two continents, and the stately old German-built Haydar Pasa railway station is the starting point for journeys into Anatolia and all destinations farther east. 

As well as its multitude of historic attractions like Haghia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, Istanbul is a paradise for shoppers, and its restaurants, clubs and entertainment venues offer a vibrant experience for those who come looking.


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