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Book a flight to Luxor with Qatar Airways

Luxor is the largest open-air museum in the world – the epitome of Egyptian culture and history. It is hard to turn your head here and not be confronted with some of the most extraordinary archaeological spectacles on Earth.

You will come face to face with magnificent temples, enigmatic carvings and spooky royal tombs. Luxor is ancient Egypt up close, not the pale facsimile offered on television documentaries.

So book a flight to Luxor with Qatar Airways, for an unforgettable expedition to the mesmerising Land of the Pharaohs.

Luxor highlights

Karnak Temple, the Medinet Habu, the Ramesseum Temple, the Tombs of the Nobles, the Valley of the Kings, and the resting place of Tutankhamun; Luxor’s many treasures demand more than one visit.

  • Tourist attractions

    One of your main problems in Luxor will be deciding where to begin. A trip here is a journey to the distant past, and there may be too many fabled monuments and soaring statues to fit in your itinerary. The best thing to do is to make a list – and even then, you will probably find yourself planning a second trip.

    Somewhere near the top of your list should be the temple complexes of Luxor and Karnak, the Medinet Habu, the Ramesseum Temple, the Tombs of the Nobles and the Valley of the Kings, home to 63 royal tombs, including of course, the boy king, Tutankhamun.

    Escape the desert heat and head to the air-conditioned sanctuary of the Luxor Museum, where you can view countless artefacts discovered in the Valley of the Kings and the temples that surround it. If you have time, cross over the Nile to the ancient city of Thebes for a glimpse into everyday life in ancient Egypt.

  • Leisure activities

    Most leisure activities on a trip to Luxor will be focused on exploring its wealth of historical sites. Tours are plentiful, and you can choose from camel- and horse-rides or walking guided tours.

    A felucca (traditional Nile boat) ride just before sunset lets you see the temple complexes in an even more romantic light. And for a bird’s-eye view, you can opt for a hot-air balloon ride.

  • Food

    Food in Luxor has influences from across the Middle East and Africa, brought by the traders of antiquity. There are also plenty of international options.

    Luxor is well known for its vegetarian food, often accompanied by dairy products, such as yoghurt or gibna bayda cheese. A popular delicacy is pigeon stuffed with rice, served with molokhiya, which is a leafy green vegetable similar to spinach. It is best to stick to restaurants for your meals, rather than street vendors.

  • Shopping

    Most people travel to Luxor for the sights, rather than the shopping, but if you do feel like some retail therapy, there are some great independent stores to investigate. Caravanserai at Kom Lolah on the West Bank, is the place to go for authentic Egyptian crafts, while the Fair-Trade Centre on Sharia Maabad al-Karnak is a not-for-profit outlet that specialises in Fair-Trade products from across Egypt. For some hustle and bustle (and a lot of haggling), head for the weekly Souq at-Talaat opposite the temple of Seti I in Taref.

Essential facts about Luxor

Enjoy a hassle-free journey with all the information you need to know before your trip


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