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Book a flight to Bahrain with Qatar Airways

Book a flight to Bahrain with Qatar Airways to experience island life at its most innovative. Translated, Bahrain means “two seas” and the island Gulf kingdom is very much defined by its relationship with the seas that surround it. Waters are so shallow that the inhabitants often “reclaim” land that was once lost to them. Manama, the Bahrain Financial Harbour, is built on such land in a peculiar reversal of tide against turf.

Don’t let its modern appearance fool you; the country can trace its roots back to the ancient Dilmun civilisation. Romans, Persians, Babylonians and Assyrians all ventured here, and their influences can still be seen in Bahrain’s architecture and cuisine.

Bahrain highlights

Scuba dive for oysters in Bahrain, before basking in the awe-inspiring elegance of Al-Fateh Grand Mosque and dining into the early hours.

  • Tourist attractions

    If you are taking children on your trip to Bahrain, the Al-Areen Wildlife Park is an ideal venue. It gives families the chance to see some of Bahrain’s indigenous species in their natural habitat. Originally, it was created to house rare Arabian animals, such as the oryx, adax and reem gazelle, all of which still call Al-Areen home.

    If culture is your preference, take a trip to the Bahrain National Museum, a waterfront building where waves leap up to caress the windows. Here, you can soak up the country’s history, and examine artefacts from the Dilmun people. After that, consider a visit to the A’Ali Burial Grounds. The National Museum will prepare you in appreciating their significance.

    Be sure to make time for a visit to Al-Fateh Grand Mosque. Capable of holding over 7,000 worshippers, it is built on reclaimed land and serves as a perfect way to further your understanding of Islam.

  • Leisure activities

    While Bahrain is an established 21st-century financial hub, as recently as 100 years ago, its economy depended almost entirely on pearl diving. What was once a dangerous profession has been turned into a safe pastime for tourists, who use the latest scuba equipment to scour the seabed for oysters.

    If that sounds a little too taxing, visit some of the many art galleries in Bahrain, such as the Al Riwaq Art Space and Bin Matar House. If the timing of your travel to Bahrain is just right, you can get an adrenaline rush while remaining seated by taking in the Bahrain Grand Prix, held in Sakhir. The Grand Prix gets international attention, and is enjoyed as much by Bahrainis as it is by visitors. Be sure to book your tickets well in advance.

  • Food

    Dining is a cultural experience in Bahrain and meals can last for hours. Coffee-lovers are advised to try the local blend, which is surprisingly refreshing. Once you’ve had enough, tell your waiter by shaking your cup from side to side, or they will keep refilling it.

    Bahraini food varies wildly from rustic street food to formal fine-dining. If you want to eat like a national, then seek out street vendors such as those behind the Gulf Hotel, where you can sample dishes such as shawarma.

    Your trip to Bahrain should include the local delicacies such as qoozi, a delicious mix of grilled lamb stuffed with rice, onions, spices and boiled eggs. One of the most common meal accompaniments is a traditional flatbread known as khubz, which is often served with a fish sauce called mahyawa.

  • Shopping

    When you think of a trip to Bahrain, you probably envisage labyrinthine souqs, heady with the smell of coffee and brimming with vendors. This is certainly one side of shopping in the kingdom. Visit Manama and you will find spice traders, and tailors ready to rustle you up a handmade suit on the spot. However, Bahrain is also home to some of the most expansive shopping centres in the region, such as the malls in Seef, where you can buy designer kaftans and luxurious Persian carpets.

    If you have children with you, make sure to visit Muharraq, where you’ll find an astonishing array of traditional sweets.

Essential facts about Bahrain

Enjoy a hassle-free journey with all the information you need to know before your trip


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