Flights to Djibouti with Qatar Airways

Djibouti is a tiny country wedged between Ethiopia and the Red Sea in northeast Africa. While it may be little, this fascinating country has a lot to offer visitors.
Travel to Djibouti with Qatar Airways and you’ll find a weird and wonderful landscape as well as a range of outdoor activities and surprisingly modern towns and cities.

Djibouti houses unique geological formations that attract visitors from across the globe. Explore the mesmerising sunken salt plains, long-extinct volcanoes, basalt plateaux and canyons.
Meanwhile, the tall limestone chimneys that let out steam are one of the wonders of the country.

The varied geography makes the country an ideal destination to pursue outdoor activities like hiking and kite-surfing. The country is an eco-traveller’s dream destination. Outside the capital is a largely self-sustaining environment in which is still home to old nomadic tribes.

This delightful country in the Horn of Africa has plenty of natural attractions, but the country’s capital, Djibouti City is quite fascinating too with a real Arabic feel.
Head to the Central Market, Tropical Aquarium or Presidential Palace while you’re in the city, or visit the beautiful sandy beaches at Khor-Ambado and Dorale, 10 miles from the capital.

Fly to Djibouti with Qatar Airways and discover genuinely unique and breathtaking landscapes in a compact setting.

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