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Baggage solutions tailored to your lifestyle

From golf clubs and bicycles, to wheelchairs and instruments – we've got you covered with everything you need to know when it comes to travelling with special baggage. 

We accept sporting equipment as checked baggage that's part of the allowance on your ticket. Any sporting equipment that exceeds this allowance will be subject to the following rates:

  • When purchased in advance, specific sporting equipment rates will apply.
  • When purchased at the airport, regular extra baggage rates will apply.

Terms and conditions

  • Rates are applied according to the origin and destination, irrespective of the point of sale.
  • The sporting equipment rates mentioned above only apply when purchased up to 6 hours prior to departure. Standard extra baggage rates will apply thereafter.
  • Changes are permitted free of charge.
  • The value can be refunded or returned in the form of a voucher in the case of cancellation by the airline. 
  • The size of small or medium pieces should not exceed a dimension of 217cm (length + width + height).
  • The size of large pieces should not exceed a dimension of 300cm (length + width + height).

Sporting weapons and ammunition

Sporting weapons and ammunition may be carried as checked baggage or cargo if all the requirements for travelling with restricted baggage items are met and prior approval has been granted. 

Bring your own wheelchair

We carry passengers’ wheelchairs at no extra cost. If you intend to travel with your own wheelchair or mobility aid, please inform us either at the seat booking stage or after you have made the booking.

Important information:

  • You will be able to use your personal wheelchair/mobility aid wherever possible. However, another wheelchair will be used to take you to your allocated seat on the aircraft.
  • Battery-powered wheelchairs/mobility aids will be accepted as checked baggage. We will not accept equipment with a damaged or leaking battery.
  • Please provide sufficient details about your wheelchair/mobility aid and batteries to our staff prior to travel. This will enable our staff to better assist you, as well as take adequate safety measures.

Need to request a wheelchair?

We provide mobility assistance service to help passengers through the airport and offer on-board wheelchairs on all wide-bodied aircraft (A330, A340 and B777). 

You may submit a special service request for a wheelchair in 'Manage booking' after the booking has been made, or by contacting your local Qatar Airways office at least 48 hours before departure. A list of our office contact details can be found here.

Fragile musical instruments may be carried in the cabin, but they will require the purchase of a ticket for the seat they occupy.

The maximum weight allowed is 75kg per seat, and the maximum length is 120cm per seat. Any item that exceeds the weight/length limit will require another seat.

A maximum of 3 extra seats can be booked per passenger, in addition to the passenger's own seat, depending upon the aircraft seat configuration.

Packaging guidelines

Ready to start packing? Make sure your sporting equipment or special items are packed to perfection to ensure a smooth journey.

Sports balls

Customers travelling with balls intended for sports (such as footballs, basketballs and soccer balls), can pack them as carry-on or checked baggage. Balls must be partially deflated (containing no more than 70% of the ball air capacity) to avoid any incidents due to the change in pressure on-board the aircraft.


Customers travelling with a bicycle should ensure it is packed in a strong, custom-made cardboard box or bike case. We advise customers to use foam tubes around bike parts to ensure better protection of the parts if the bike is packed in a box. Tyres must be deflated, pedals must be removed, and handlebars must be turned and fixed lengthways. 

Ski equipment

Customers travelling with ski equipment should ensure they place their ski equipment in a ski bag, making sure the bag is well-padded. To ensure maximum protection, we recommend you use hard case for packing your ski equipment.

Golf equipment

Customers travelling with golf equipment should ensure they carry it in a soft or hard golf case bag (hard cases are preferable). Golf bags and clubs will be carried as cargo or checked baggage.


Customers travelling with surfboards are advised to pack their surfboard in bags with reinforced foam padding and water-resistant materials, and durable zippers. If your bag doesn't have padding, you may use clothing and towels for padding. Using a hard case will offer the best protection. Make sure you detach the fins of your surfboard before packing. Surfboards maximum dimensions must be less than 300cm (L+W+H). Items with greater dimensions will be carried as cargo.

Fishing equipment

Customers travelling with fishing equipment are advised to place their equipment in padded hard cases customised to fishing equipment. All rods, nets, tackle boxes, nd other bulky equipment will be carried as cargo or checked baggage and must be suitably packed.

Kayaks (inflatables)

Customers travelling with kayaks are advised to consider the following:

  • Always dry off the kayak and accessories before packing them away. This will preserve the condition of your kayak.
  • Deflate the kayak.
  • Fold the sides of the kayak towards the middle and align the spray skirts towards the centre. 
  • Roll the kayak from the bow to the stern where the air valves are located. This will help push the air out as you roll it up. 
  • Put the skeg protectors on the skegs and pack everything into the carry bag, making sure the bag is well-padded.
  • Make sure the mast/sail is detachable and collapsible.
  • Kayaks maximum dimensions must be less than 300cm (L+W+H). Items with greater dimensions will be carried as cargo.
Windsurfing equipment

Customers travelling with windsurfing equipment are advised to consider the following:

  • The windsurf/kitesurf board needs to be dismantled for travel.
  • A board bag is recommended, and either a separate mast bag and sail/quiver bag, or a bag to accommodate both. 
  • Use separate fin and boom bags (or pack them in with the board and masts respectively). 
  • Ensure that the packaging of choice is well-padded and that your equipment has no sharp edges protruding out of the bag.
  • Make sure the mast/sail is detachable and collapsible.
  • Windsurf/kitesurf boards dimensions must be less than 300cm (L+W+H). Items with greater dimensions will be carried as cargo.
Diving equipment

Customers travelling with diving equipment are advised to consider the following:

  • We recommend packing your diving equipment in a scuba gear bag to protect them, including your fins and diving mask.
  • Pack your diving mask in a hard case.
  • Please pack valuable diving equipment such as your diving regulator and your diving computer in your carry-on baggage.
  • To pack your buoyancy compensator (BC), make sure all the air is out before packing it. Then fold the sides fairly tightly so it is as small as possible.
  • Please ensure all air and gas cylinders are empty prior to travel and that any underwater torches and knives are appropriately packed.
Trekking equipment

Customers travelling with trekking equipment are advised to consider the following:

  • Make sure your bag is well-padded and no sharp edges are protruding from the bag.
  • Trekking and hiking equipment such as fuel, pocket knives, trekking poles, camping stoves, a multi-tool or a machete and other sharp objects are not to be packed in hand luggage. 
  • In general, all trekking equipment can be packed in checked baggage, keeping in mind that restrictions might apply in the destination airport.
Musical instruments
Musical instruments should be packed in their original packaging with foam or padding on the interiors, or packed in a hard case with soft material wrapped around to avoid damage during travel. This includes musical instruments such as:
  • Wind instruments and brass instruments: trumpets, saxophone, clarinets, etc. 
  • Instruments in the percussion family: gong bass drum, conga, snare drums, long drums, electronic drums, bongo drums, etc.
  • String instruments: guitar, bass guitar, violin, cello double bass, banjo, lutes, etc. 
  • Electronic instruments: keyboard, electronic guitars, etc.

Travelling with our partners?

If your journey includes a flight with one of our partners, please find more information here:

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