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Book a flight to Phoenix with Qatar Airways

Phoenix is the Southwest USA’s most populous city, and when you book a flight to Phoenix you’ll get to discover a cultural jewel of the region."

Nicknamed ‘Valley of the Sun’ for its annual 300 days of uninterrupted sunshine, fly to Phoenix and experience a vibrant, culturally enriched city with a burgeoning sporting and artistic heritage that guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Phoenix highlights

There are plenty of things to do and see for all the family in a city that still has something of the air of a frontier town about it. 

  • Tourist attractions

    There are plenty of things to do and see for all the family in a city that still has something of the air of a frontier town about it. On your trip to Phoenix don’t miss for example the cutting-edge Arizona Science Center, which is packed with fun activities and exhibitions. It has interactive games, sports and experiments as well as a planetarium and permanent art displays.

    The Phoenix Art Museum has a stunning light display in its entrance and features exhibitions of haute couture and modern art collections over its three floors.

    A slightly odd but fascinating building in Phoenix is Tovrea Castle, which resembles a wedding cake and is surrounded by carefully placed cacti and rocks. It was built in 1931 by a local entrepreneur.

    If you feel like chilling out, there’s nowhere better to be inspired than the Cosanti, a nature and arts compound right in the middle of town. It features eco-friendly buildings, floral walkways and numerous Soleri Wind Bells. It also has a pool, dormitories for students from the University and a gift shop, and makes a great day out.

    The Mining and Mineral Museum is also well worth a visit, with its vast display of weird, wonderful and colourful rocks and minerals from the surrounding area and farther afield. The ‘Banquet of Rocks’, a set of dishes made from quartz, feldspar and other minerals, is one of the most popular permanent exhibitions here.

  • Leisure activities

    Spend a pleasantly active day on the Sunrise Trail in the nearby McDowell Mountains. These hills are actually in the middle of Phoenix and you get a fabulous view of the city and the surrounding area from the top.

    The Desert Botanical Gardens are a must-see on any trip to Phoenix. Take a stroll through a genuine, unspoilt area of desert, and for a genuinely surprising and unique experience you can also join a ‘flashlight tour’ to watch how many desert blooms appear just as the sun goes down.

    The Japanese Friendship Garden is a good place for a bit of tranquillity and serenity from the buzz of the city. It’s a celebration of the close ties between Phoenix and Himeji, its sister city in Japan, and was constructed by 50 Japanese architects in 1987. Unfortunately there are no cherry blossom trees, but plenty of Japanese maples, purple leaf plums and other exotic Eastern flora.

    Phoenix, and nearby Scottsdale, are also world-renowned for their collection of golf courses. With weather being warm all year round, you can play 18 holes whenever you like.

    If you've stayed long enough in Phoenix, a trip to the Grand Canyon is not far away, where you can view one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world.

  • Food

    Phoenix abounds in sustainable and seasonal produce and modern American cuisine, and many of its restaurants have a stylish ambience. The city is in fact becoming the cultural and culinary capital of the American Southwest and diners can often take in panoramic views of the surrounding desert and mountains as they eat.

    There’s a farm-to-table ethos about Phoenix cuisine that guarantees a brilliant experience for your taste buds, and you get a choice of indoor and outdoor dining, especially in the central area of the city.

  • Shopping

    Phoenix has become home to many leisure-wear boutiques and high-fashion clothiers since the 1940s, and if you’re travelling to Phoenix for the shopping you’ll not be disappointed by what’s on offer. From jeans and boots to 10-gallon hats, you’ll find just about anything you want to wear here.

    Most of the city’s serious shopping can be found in central Phoenix, North Scottsdale, Old Town Scottsdale and Kierland, but there are antique shops and auction houses all over the city if you’re looking for bargains.

Essential facts about Phoenix

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