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Book a flight to Dammam with Qatar Airways

Book a flight to Dammam with Qatar Airways and explore the delights of Saudi Arabia's third largest city with a bustling centre that gives way to the serene Dammam Corniche, a green oasis in the heart of town.

Renowned for its beautiful beaches and excellent fishing spots, this is one of Saudi Arabia's most ancient strongholds. From the beauty of the Old Town to the distinctive design of King Abdullah Park, you will find a charismatic blend of modern and ancient architecture.

So book travel to Dammam and feast on one of Saudi Arabia’s most alluring hotspots.

Dammam highlights

The five-millennia-old Tarout Castle is a sight to behold and kids will love Dolphin Village on manmade Al-Marjan Island; Dammam also has plenty of green spaces, beaches and children's playgrounds.

  • Tourist attractions

    Tarout Castle, in the centre of Tarout Island, is 5,000 years old. The city's most famous archaeological landmark features the Arabian architecture of antiquity. At Dammam Corniche, you will find green spaces, children's playgrounds and an array of restaurants to choose from. It's the perfect spot for walk or picnic.

    During Eid and national holidays, it can become busy here as celebrations take place. The city’s grassy plots and sandy areas are ideal for soaking up stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

  • Leisure activities

    Make your way across the bridge to Al-Marjan Island, an artificial construct that's popular with tourists. Dolphin Village is located here, with its swimming pool, marine-animal shows and amusement rides, as well as plenty of restaurants and cafés.

    Travel to Dammam and you can't afford to miss out on an afternoon spent exploring Share Al-Hob Traditional Market. Here you'll find gold jewellery, eastern perfumes and traditional clothing.

    Dammam Regional Museum is the place to find out more about the city's rich history. It's easy to spend a whole afternoon here wandering around its six galleries.

  • Food

    Cuisine here has international appeal, and alongside traditional restaurants and coffee-houses you'll find food courts and food-hall style cafés.

    Drinking tea is an ancient custom in Saudi Arabia. Herbal tea comes in a variety of different flavours and is usually taken black, without milk. Popular traditional dishes include falafel (fried chickpea fritters), mandi (traditional rice with grilled chicken) and shawarma (meat cooked on a spit, served with a range of salad and toppings in fresh pita bread).

    Meat sold in the city is halal and visitors may find food to be somewhat spicy for their tastes. While you'll find the usual fast-food chains in Dammam, a far better option for lunch is one of the city's traditional cafés, to sample some local dishes. All of them serve a range of salads, sandwiches and snacks.

  • Shopping

    Some of the best shopping in Saudi Arabia can be experienced when you travel to Dammam. The city has no shortage of malls. Mall of Dhahran and Rashid Mall are popular with tourists and alongside international stores you will find Saudi Arabian brands. Women can shop at the Ladies Mall – as the name suggests, this mall is only open to women. Some of the city's finest clothing and most beautiful jewellery can be found here.

    It is well worth checking out Dammam's markets, the most popular being Share Al-Hob Traditional Market. For traditional Saudi souvenirs, this is the best place to shop. You will also find authentic Saudi Arabian clothing, gold jewellery and eastern perfumes, but be prepared to haggle.

Essential facts about Dammam

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