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Beyond Business

by Qatar Airways

Exclusive benefits with rewards and savings

Beyond Business

by Qatar Airways

Exclusive benefits with rewards and savings


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Join Beyond Business now and get 50,000 Bonus Qrewards– it’s that simple!

We are giving away a joining bonus of 3000 Qrewards and an additional 50,000 bonus Qrewards to any company that joins our Beyond Business programme before 31 Aug 2024, and spends at least USD 15,000 within the first 6 months of enrolment.*


*Terms and Conditions apply

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    1. The company is not a travel agency, travel management company, ticket brokerage firm or consolidator.
    2. The company does not already have a corporate contract with Qatar Airways.
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    Terms and conditions
    1. General

    1.1  These Terms and Conditions govern your participation as a Member of Beyond Business by Qatar Airways. You should read them carefully.  

    1.2  These Terms and Conditions are effective from the date of their publication on qatarairways.com/beyondbusiness. Qatar Airways may at any time change any of these Terms and Conditions and the operation of Beyond Business by Qatar Airways. While prior notice of changes to these Terms and Conditions may not always be possible due to operational or other considerations, Qatar Airways will endeavour to give you reasonable notice of any material changes on the Beyond Business by Qatar Airways homepage or by email.

    2. Definitions

    The following terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall have the meaning set out below, unless the context requires otherwise:

    Account means the membership account assigned to a Member (as defined below)

    Beyond Business by Qatar Airways means the Qatar Airways corporate loyalty program designed to reward Small and Medium Enterprises.

    beyondbusiness@qatarairways.com.qa  means Qatar Airways email address dedicated to answering Members queries.

    Beyond Business Portal  Qatar Airways internet site allowing Members to access an Account.

    Closed User Group or CUG  means a group of people that are given access to a specific fare other than the published fares. 

    Closed User Group (CUG) Fare   means a specific fare other than the published fares provided to a group of people.

    Company  means a private corporate entity that is duly licensed and registered with the competent authorities in the relevant country of application.

    Flown Ticket  means a ticket which has been used by virtue of a Member’s travel.

    Marketing Carrier  means an airline which sells tickets for a flight under its own flight code.  The Marketing Carrier may be different from the Operating Carrier

    Member(s)  means any company registered as a member of Beyond Business by Qatar Airways program.

    Membership Number means a unique alpha numeric code assigned to the Member to enable Qrewards earning.

    OTP  means One Time Password: a default password that is sent to the registered email id to login to the Beyond Business Portal.

    Operating Carrier  means an airline that operates a  flight with its own or leased aircraft and crew.

    Privilege Club means the Qatar Airways Privilege Club frequent flyer program and any successor programs thereto.

    Program Administrator  means a duly authorized employee of the Member who will administer and monitor the Company's participation in Beyond Business by Qatar Airways on Member’s behalf and redeem Qrewards for travelling employees of the Company.

    Qatar Airways means Qatar Airways Group Q.C.S.C.

    qatarairways.com/beyondbusiness means the Beyond Business by Qatar Airways page, as amended from time to time, at www.qatarairways.com/beyondbusiness

    Qatar Airways IBE  means Qatar Airways Internet Booking Engine accessible at www.qatarairways.com.

    Qatar Airways Beyond Business support  means a Qatar Airways staff designated to administer Beyond Business in local markets who will be the point of contact for internal and external queries. Contact details can be found in Beyond Business by Qatar Airways website, in this link.

    Qmice   means Qatar Airways Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Events; a corporate product provided to accounts with group of people traveling to a destination from/to multiple points of origin/destination to attend a meeting, conference or/and events.

    Qmice Fares  means special discounted fares provided to accounts with Qmice agreements.

    Qrewards means the redeemable credits earned by Members and credited to an Account in accordance with the terms and conditions

    Company Principal  means the authorized representative of the SME who has the full control of the Beyond Business account and is responsible for assigning a legitimate company employee as program administrator.

    Terms and Conditions mean these terms and conditions for Beyond Business by Qatar Airways as amended from time to time.

    Tier  means level of benefits based on travel spent.

    Transaction  means any activity which results in a Member earning or spending Qrewards.

    3. Joining Beyond Business by Qatar Airways

    3.1 Membership in Beyond Business by Qatar Airways is available to Companies only. Membership is not available to travel agents, ticket brokerage firms or consolidators. In some countries or markets where Beyond Business by Qatar Airways is offered, government entities and companies with government affiliation may be strictly prohibited from becoming a member. 

    3.2 To apply for membership, a Company’s authorised representative must complete an online application form available on qatarairways.com/beyondbusiness. Upon verification of the Company Principal’s email address, Qatar Airways will assign a membership number which confirms activation of your company’s membership. As a condition of membership, the Company Principal is required to agree to these Terms and Conditions. Membership is granted at the sole discretion of Qatar Airways and Qatar Airways may refuse membership to any applicant.

    3.3 Your membership is not transferable and each Member can only hold one (1) Account at any time.

    3.4 As a standard procedure, Qatar Airways will send all transactional and informational communications (e.g. redemptions and a statement of account or offers, news and updates) from Beyond Business by Qatar Airways and Qatar Airways to the most recent email address that you have notified to it in relation to your Account. The Member shall immediately inform Qatar Airways of any change of Company Principal and Program Administrator or contact details.

    3.5 Qatar Airways reserves the right to audit a Member's Account and records without notice to the Member to check for compliance with these Terms and Conditions and any other applicable rules, regulations or terms and conditions.

    3.6 Qatar Airways requests your consent to send you marketing communications by email when you apply for membership of Beyond Business by Qatar Airways. You may also provide consent subsequent to your enrolment in Beyond Business by Qatar Airways. You may withdraw your consent at any time in writing to Qatar Airways, by logging into your Account or by any other means for withdrawing consent made available by Qatar Airways from time to time.

    4. Updating your Account Profile

    4.1 The Member is required to keep the Account information updated at all times. We will not be responsible for late, lost or misdirected mail.

    4.2 Requests for minor changes in the Company’s name or registration details  in the Account profile shall be made via email to written request to beyondbusiness@qatarairways.com.qa, our member service helplines ID or to any of our Beyond Business support team with due justification from the respective Company Principal from the registered email. The Company Principal will be notified via return email on the status of the request within 72 hours.

    4.3 Except for changes mentioned in sub-clause 4.2 above, other changes in the Company’s name or registration details in the Account profile are prohibited in Beyond Business by Qatar Airways. In the event that a Company has a change of its legal name or corporate registration details a new application should be submitted. In these circumstances, any unused Qrewards in the old Account will be available for redemption within ninety (90) days from the date of Account cancellation. Failure to redeem the Qrewards balance will result in forfeiture of those Qrewards.

    4.4  For password reset, please do so online post log in your Account in the Beyond Business portal. 

    5. Earning Qrewards

    5.1 Qrewards are earned based on these Terms and Conditions on tickets which are flown after the membership number is assigned.

    5.2 An Earning cap may apply in selected countries or markets where Beyond Business by Qatar Airways is offered.

    5.3 The Member shall update the membership number in each booking to earn Qrewards. Please refer to the “Beyond Business by Qatar Airways” FAQs at qatarairways.com/beyondbusiness on the procedure or contact Qatar Airways Beyond Business support team. (See www.qatarairways.com/beyondbusiness/contacts).

    5.4 Qrewards for Flown Tickets on travel operated and marketed by Qatar Airways are earned namely by:

    (a)  Tickets issued on Qatar Airways market fares;

    (b)  Group tickets on Qatar Airways market fare;

    (c)  Tickets issued on Qatar Airways public promotional fares;

    (d) Tickets issued on Qatar Airways marine fares;

    (e) Tickets issued on Qatar Airways Qmice fares;

    (f) Tickets with discount over Qatar Airways market/published rates including travel agents’ and travel management companies’ discount; and

    (g) Tickets issued on qatarairways.com dedicated booking site including Closed User-Group 

    5.5  Qrewards are not earned for:

    (a) Award tickets issued using Qrewards, Avios or any equivalent in another loyalty program;

    (b) Lost, refunded, forfeited, unused, exchanged or expired tickets;

    (c) Tickets with discount over market/published rates including groups adhoc tickets, corporate discounted tickets, tickets issued on other specialty fares than marine, free of charge tickets, charter flights, complimentary tickets, airline staff travel tickets, rebate tickets and any prize ticket;

    (d) Cancelled flights or flights which are transferred to another airline due to circumstances beyond Qatar Airways’ control;

    (e) Flights ticketed to children under 12 (twelve)years of age and/or infants under two (2) years    of age;

    (f) Tickets purchased to carry additional baggage or to provide extra space for the Member; or

    (g) Flight that is already credited to another Member. 

    5.6 Qrewards may be computed based on the fare inclusive of fuel surcharge and carrier imposed fees of the ticket depending on the applicable types of fares

    5.7  Qrewards accrued in one (1) calendar year expires by the end of the next calendar year on the 31st of December and are processed at 23:59 Doha local time (GMT+3) every 31st December. Example: all Qrewards earned between 1st January and 31st December, 2019 will expire by 31st December 2020. 

    5.8 Qrewards are processed and credited to the Account within 7 days after flown. 

    5.9 In the event of a discrepancy between the reported revenue generated between the Member and Qatar Airways, the revenue accounting system reports generated by Qatar Airways will prevail.

    5.10 If the Member goes into liquidation, receivership or change of administration, the Member will no longer be able to earn further Qrewards and the Company will no longer be able to redeem Qrewards for Awards from the date of such event.

    6. Missing Qrewards

    6.1 The Member is responsible for ensuring that any and all Qrewards have been properly credited to its Account. Statements can be accessed online post log in to the respective Account in the Beyond Business Portal.

    6.2 If Qrewards for flights with Qatar Airways are not credited to the Account, please process retro-claim post log in to your Account in the Beyond Business Portal.

    7. How to spend your Qrewards

    7.1 Members can redeem Qrewards for award tickets and cabin upgrades on Qatar Airways.  

    7.2 Qatar Airways Award tickets and cabin upgrades are:

    (a) applicable to specific flights and are subject to seat availability.

    (b) processed through the online Account access in the Beyond Business Portal.

    (c) if not used or cancelled within one (1) year from the original date of issue will expire and you will not receive a refund. 

    (d) not issued for open date tickets or flights where the passenger is waitlisted.  

    (e) subject to all taxes, duties, surcharges, passenger service charges, visa costs and any other customs or government imposed taxes. However, some taxes may be incorporated into, and therefore form part of, the Member’s Qrewards Award where this is required by local laws or regulations.

    (f) Award bookings can be changed or cancelled provided that the request is done within the time limits set by Qatar Airways for such flight. Note that change or cancellation fees may apply. The failure to cancel or change the Award booking within the applicable time limit, will cause Qatar Airways system to deem the Award used, and no Qrewards refund will be done. The Awards issued on a promotional basis may not be eligible for changes or cancellations.  

    7.3 Members agree that Qatar Airways: 

    (a) imposes time limits for processing Award tickets and cabin upgrades.  The failure of a Member to complete the Award booking within the applicable time limits, will grant Qatar Airways the right to cancel any incomplete Award bookings once the time limitation has elapsed. 

    (b) may limit the number of seats available for Award cabin upgrade on particular flights. Cabin upgrade may not be available on all flights.

    (c) if an Award ticket of a flight operated by Qatar Airways is rescheduled, cancelled or discontinued, Qatar Airways will use reasonable efforts to transport the passenger on the next flight operated by Qatar Airways to the destination specified in the itinerary. 

    (d) cannot guarantee seat availability on future flights. 

    (e) issues all Award tickets redeemed with Qrewards. 

    (f) rules and conditions of the award ticket fare applies.

    7.4 To process change and cancellation of award ticket, log in to your account in the Beyond Business Portal.

    8. Promotions

    8.1  If you give us your consent to do so, Qatar Airways can send you electronic communications (SMS, email, push notifications or social media etc.) with marketing communications, offers, news and market research (individually a “Promotion” and collectively “Promotions”). Qatar Airways and its Partners will provide relevant terms and conditions, or details of where you can find them, when they inform you of the Promotion. The terms and conditions of any Promotion take precedence over any other statement in these Terms and Conditions.

    8.2  Qatar Airways may at their own discretion, limit Promotions offered in connection with “Beyond Business by Qatar Airways” to specific Members. For example, you may be eligible to participate in local Promotions where you are a resident by reference to the preferred postal address associated with your Account. 

    8.3  Some Promotions may not be combined with other Awards, promotions, coupons, discounts or special offers.  In this case, Qatar Airways will only apply the Promotion that offers the highest benefit or recognition. However, some Promotions may be combined, at Qatar Airways’ sole discretion.  For example, where there is a need to quote a promotional code at the time of purchasing a ticket or when redeeming an Award, the promotional code will be effective regardless of any other offer which applies to the Transaction.  

    9. Termination of Membership

    9.1 A Member may terminate its membership at any time by submitting an email to beyondbusiness@qatarairways.com.qa. Upon receipt of the request, Qatar Airways will close the Account and all the Member’s accrued Qrewards, including unused Award tickets will be forfeited.

    9.2 Qatar Airways may at its sole and absolute discretion terminate “Beyond Business by Qatar Airways” membership or change/amend/revise terms of the membership or terminate the program in entirety without assigning any reason or providing any notice and that, without incurring any liability or cost towards the Member, the Company or any other party, as a result of using any of the aforementioned entitlements.

    9.3 Qatar Airways may at its sole and absolute discretion convert an Account to corporate travel incentive agreement and in such case will close the Account after prior written notice to the Member.

    9.4 Qatar Airways may suspend or terminate your  membership at Qatar Airways’ sole discretion, at any time with immediate effect if:

    (a) there is involvement, or Qatar Airways reasonably suspects an involvement in, a fraudulent, irregular, dishonest or suspicious Transaction in connection with the Account, the Account of another Member.  Examples include (without limitation):

    (i) altering documents to procure Qrewards;

    (ii) knowingly supplying incorrect information to accrue Qrewards;

    (iii) attempting to procure Qrewards for flights which a Member travelling employees or guests have not flown or is not eligible for Qrewards; 

    (iv) using or attempting to use stolen or counterfeit tickets; 

    (v) The Member is subjected to or threatened by bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, it ceases to exist, or is subject to an adverse change of control; 

    (vi) Qatar Airways considers that a behaviour or action constitutes misconduct.  Examples include (without limitation):

    a. failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions or the Conditions of Carriage;

    b. misuse of Benefits which are available to Members; and

    c. Member’s employees or guests using threatening, abusive or insulting language or behaving in a threatening, abusive or insulting manner when dealing with any staff or representatives of Qatar Airways 

    9.5 The Account remains inactive for a consecutive four (4) year period. Qatar Airways may terminate your membership after forty-eight (48) consecutive months of inactivity on your Account. 

    9.6 In the event of suspension or termination of your membership, at Qatar Airways’ sole discretion, Qatar Airways will write to inform you accordingly. Qatar Airways may cancel all accrued and accruing Qrewards (including unused Award tickets). The Member will be liable to Qatar Airways for the full price of any Qrewards or other benefits booked or used wholly or partly in connection with any fraudulent or dishonest activity in accordance with the published fare or price applicable to such Qrewards together with any reasonable costs and expenses, including legal fees, incurred by Qatar Airways. 

    9.7 In all cases of those set out in sub-clause 9.3 above, Qatar Airways will write to the Member stating that its membership is being terminated accordingly. Members will be allowed to redeem any Qrewards balance until their scheduled expiration date. Any balance after the scheduled expiration date will be automatically forfeited.

    9.8 In case of termination of Beyond Business by Qatar Airways in accordance with sub-clause 9.2 above, Qatar Airways will write to the Member stating that its membership is being terminated. Members will be given one hundred eighty (180) days to spend the accrued Qrewards. Any balance after the one hundred eighty (180) days period has expired will be automatically forfeited.

    9.9. In the event of termination of Membership, all data included in your Account will be removed from all active databases and will be securely archived for a period of fifteen (15) years for evidentiary purposes and in accordance with our retention policies.

    10. Limit of liability

    10.1 Qatar Airways will not be liable for any kind of loss or damage, including (without limitation) any loss or reduction in a Member’s advantages and any detriment or disadvantage, resulting from any alteration to or termination of Beyond Business by Qatar Airways, the right to earn or redeem Qrewards.

    10.2 The limitations and exclusions of liability referred to in:

    (a) the Conditions of Carriage will apply in relation to travel on Qatar Airways including Award travel; and

    (b) the terms and conditions of the Privilege Club will apply in relation to Benefits provided by them.

    10.3 Qatar Airways is not responsible for any tax liability you or any third party incurs in connection with your membership.


    11. Your Personal Data and security of your Account

    11.1 Qatar Airways is committed to protecting your privacy and complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws. By becoming a Member, you agree that Qatar Airways may process and disclose your Personal Data in the performance of these Terms and Conditions. By "Personal Data" we mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Personal Data will be processed for the purposes of enrolling you into Beyond Business, administering Beyond Business and providing your employees with the Qrewards. We collect and process Personal Data from you as a Member or your employees or guests you nominate for Beyond Business rewards in accordance with our Privacy Notice. Any references to “Qbiz” in the Privacy Notice shall be amended to read "Beyond Business" by Qatar Airways.

    11.2 We may collect and receive Personal Data of your employees or guests directly from your authorised representative(s). We may also collect Personal Data of your authorised representative, your employees or guests when you:

    (a) enrol your employees or guests for Beyond Business rewards; 

    (b) register, create or modify an Account; 

    (c) communicate with us such as by email at beyondbusiness@qatarairways.com.qa, contact our member services helplines and local sales offices or through our contact centre page post log-in to your Account portal; 

    (d) enter promotions; or

    (e) if you choose to complete surveys and or voluntarily provide information by other means.

    11.3 Where your authorised representative discloses Personal Data on behalf of another person, (s)he  will ensure that the individual whose Personal Data is supplied to Qatar Airways has authorized the disclosure, is informed of and consents to processing of their Personal Data in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

    11.4 Qatar Airways, or a recipient of Personal Data under section 11.2, may process Personal Data of your authorised representative (and that of your employees or guests you nominate for Beyond Business) for one or more of the following purposes:

    (a) To process and administer your application to join Beyond Business;

    (b) For the operation and management of Beyond Business including Qrewards and revenue performance tracking, delivery of associated Qrewards and services, on-going research and programme development, as well as delivering news and information to Members, and for other record-keeping purposes related to Beyond Business;

    (c) For identification and verification purposes, in connection with any of the Qrewards, other products or services that may be supplied to you;

    (d) To maintain and support your Account and facilitate your access to it;

    (e) To process or confirm your travel arrangements (including accounting, billing and audit, credit or other payment card verification, immigration and customs control, security and general administration where you travel with Qatar Airways);

    (f) To fulfil requests submitted by you, whether online or through our mobile services, or through other methods;

    (g) to pass on to and for the use by any member of the Qatar Airways Group in connection with the performance of the Terms and Conditions with you;

    (h) To respond to, handle and process any enquires or complaints submitted by your authorised representative;

    (i) Where we have your consent, for marketing and informational purposes, such as conducting market research or sending your authorised representative updates on the latest offers and promotions, or transactional (e.g. redemptions and a statement of account) in connection with Beyond Business and for assessing eligibility for any marketing and/or promotional activities and/or offers from Beyond Business;

    (j) To administer promotions conducted by us or on our behalf, including announcing the winner of any such competition;

    (k) To comply with legal, accounting, audit and regulatory requirements;

    (l) To improve our security, including in relation to the processing of payment by credit card to guard against the risk of fraud, including carrying out matching procedures against databases of known fraudulent transactions (maintained by us or third parties);

    (m) To monitor and improve the service that Beyond Business provides to your organisation; and

    (n) For business purposes, and to relevant third parties for the purpose of fraud protection and credit risk reduction and for administrative purposes.

    11.5 Before Qatar Airways discloses any of your Personal Data to you, you may be asked security questions which may require you to confirm your identity by providing information held by Qatar Airways about you.

    11.6 You are responsible for the security of your Account and Qatar Airways shall have no liability in the event that you disclose your login and/or password, whether intentionally or not, so as to allow a third person online access to your Personal Data of your authorised representative, employees or guests and to make any transactions. Qatar Airways reserves the right to block online access to your authorised representative, employees or guests’ Personal Data by or through any third party website not authorised by Qatar Airways.

    11.7 You are responsible for keeping your contact details up to date in accordance with sub-clause 4.1. Qatar Airways is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to notify a change in address or other changes to your Personal Data. 

    11.8 You irrevocably waive any claim against Qatar Airways with respect to such third party websites and products and services which they may offer. Qatar Airways is not liable for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with your access or use of any such third party websites or other services, or your reliance on the privacy practices, data security processes or other policies of such third parties. 

    12. Other information

    12.1 Qatar Airways does not guarantee the availability of any Qrewards.

    12.2 Qatar Airways does not guarantee that you will be able to use Qrewards in your Account before they expire. Qrewards have no monetary value. They cannot be exchanged for cash or against any other benefit. All rights of title to and property in the Beyond Business Programme and/or Qrewards shall remain at all times in Qatar Airways and do not pass to you. 

    12.3 You may not buy, sell, exchange or transfer Qrewards. 

    12.4 Qatar Airways reserves the right to amend there Terms and Conditions, and/or Qrewards redemption levels, as well as the amount of any fees it charges, at their sole discretion at any time and without any prior notice. 

    12.5 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Qatar. 

    12.6 Qatar Airways and each Member submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Qatar to resolve disputes arising in connection with Beyond Business. 

    12.7 If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid, illegal or unenforceable under the law of any jurisdiction, this shall not affect the validity, legality or enforceability of any other provision of these Terms and Conditions under the law of that jurisdiction or any provision of these Terms and Conditions under the law of any other jurisdiction. 

    12.8 If Qatar Airways becomes entitled to exercise any right or remedy under these Terms and Conditions or by law or regulation, no failure to exercise, no delay in exercise and no single or partial exercise of that right or remedy shall:

    (a) adversely affect that right or remedy;

    (b) waive it; or

    (c) prevent any further exercise of it or of any other right or remedy.

    12.9 If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is inconsistent with any provision of a partner’s terms and conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail to the extent that the inconsistency relates to:

    (a) the accrual or redemption of Qrewards; or

    (b) the provision of any other benefits in connection with your membership of Beyond Business

    13. Contact us

    Should the Member need to contact Beyond Business by Qatar Airways support team, the Member may refer to our support team, write to us at beyondbusiness@qatarairways.com.qa or contact our member service helplines available post log-in to your account portal.

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