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Flights to Eritrea with Qatar Airways

Eritrea is a thin strip of a country stretching along the Red Sea coast, with the much larger Ethiopia behind and bordering Djibouti to the east.
When you travel to Eritrea with Qatar Airlines, you will discover a country that often seems locked in a time capsule, preserving an ancient culture alongside a more modern capital that is rapidly expanding.

Independent travellers are often attracted to Eritrea simply because it offers unspoilt tracts of countryside. Discover unspoilt beaches along the Red Sea coastline, and embark on adventure sports in the nearby Dahlak Islands.
Eritrea one of the Horn of Africa’s most attractive and inspiring countries, not least through its remarkable blending of cultural influences.

Abyssinians, Arabs and diverse Mediterranean people have all left their marks here, and the country can be roughly be divided geographically along lines of ethnic influence.
Abyssinian landscapes predominate in the south, a region of highlands and cliffs rich in archaeological heritage. The diverse cultural mix is most evident in the more northerly town of Keren, where many ethnic groups live in harmony. Islamic influence is best seen along the Red Sea coast, opposite Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The town of Massawa here is much like Zanzibar with its elegant minarets and picturesque mosques.     

Eritrea has a number of great attractions in addition to its timeless landscapes. In Asmara City you’ll find the splendid National Museum Asmara, which has a range of exhibits on all aspects of life in this culturally diverse country. The Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque is also well worth visiting for its majesty and grace.

Asmara encompasses a good zoo just south of the city centre, which makes a perfect day-trip destination especially if you have children with you. As well as being home to a diverse range of animals including indigenous baboons, hyenas and snakes, the zoo has excellent views of the surrounding gorges and valleys.

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