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Book now and receive special introductory fares to Nice, Dublin, Skopje, Kiev, Sarajevo & Prague.

Immerse yourself in Nice

A coastal city that enchants everyone who visits, Nice is an eclectic slice of true French living.

With never-ending sunshine and smiles to match, discover hidden treasure in the outdoor markets as you walk the marvellous Cours Saleya. Pick up an antique book, savour some fresh olives, and lose yourself in a forgotten corner of this captivating city.

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Immerse yourself in Prague

Step into a fairytale and fill your imagination with the majestic beauty of Prague – a city that inspires with centuries-old architecture, wondrous views from Castle Hill, and one of Europe’s most romantic atmospheres. Prague is a journey to a bygone era where cobblestoned streets always lead to extraordinary places.

Fly to Prague starting in August 2017.

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Immerse yourself in Kiev

Explore a city that infuses its rich cultural past into a modern metropolis. Kiev is an eclectic mix of charm and culture that is sure to inspire all who visit this great city.

Fly to Kiev starting August 2017.

Discover Kiev

Immerse yourself in Sarajevo

Surrounded by spectacular scenery and steeped in history and culture, Sarajevo truly has something for everyone. Walk the stone alleys of Baščaršija, indulge in spectacular local cuisine, or just choose a quaint coffee shop and watch the world go by.

Fly to Sarajevo starting August 2017.

Discover Sarajevo

Immerse yourself in Oman

Experience the very best that Oman has to offer with the launch of our newest destination, Sohar. From ancient forts to amazing beaches and crystal clear waters, Oman never ceases to delight with its rich cultural history and wonderful scenic landscapes.

Enjoy three weekly flights to Sohar starting 8 August, 2017.

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Discover Dublin

Dublin is teeming with culture, charm and architecture. Home to poets, artists and novelists, including Oscar Wilde, the city is among the most welcoming in Europe, and offers exquisite cuisine and superb shopping.

Discover Skopje

Book a flight to Skopje with Qatar Airways and uncover one of Europe’s hidden gems –a bold city that embraces modernity alongside its own ancient culture.

Discover Qatar. Where culture meets luxury

Whether you prefer to enjoy world-class restaurants, shop in ultra-modern malls with the latest luxury brands or take a stroll down the bustling alleys of traditional souqs, Qatar has something to offer everyone.


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The World Has Chosen Qatar

It is with great pride that in our 20th year, we have been voted Airline of the Year for the fourth time, as well as World’s Best Business Class, Best First Class Airline Lounge and Best Airline in the Middle East for 2017.

On behalf of everyone at Qatar Airways, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the millions of people around the world who voted for us.

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Visit Qatar Summer Festival and enjoy live shows and performances, shopping promotions, hotel packages and dining options.

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Take a minute to earn 2,000 bonus Qmiles

It's quite easy: make your first online booking and earn 2,000 bonus Qmiles. Earn another 500 bonus Qmiles for each subsequent online booking.

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Explore Thailand

Prepare yourself for a memorable experience in Krabi, our new destination in Thailand. Whether it’s a flavourful Thai dish, a lively street market, or a relaxing retreat on a tropical beach, Thailand will enchant you.

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The Airport Hotel

Welcoming and convenient, The Airport Hotel at HIA provides you with exceptional facilities and services to relax, rejuvenate and recharge between flights in Qatar.

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