Enhancing our global community, one sponsorship at a time

Qatar Airways proudly supports a range of exciting international and local initiatives dedicated to enriching our global community. An essential part of our marketing strategy, sponsorship assists us in expanding brand visibility and establishing lasting and loyal relationships with our customers.

We seek sponsorships that link Qatar Airways’ brand attributes and values with our customers and reinforce brand position efforts (including advertising and promotions).  We look for partnerships that provide a platform that enhances our brand.

Sponsorship criteria

  1. Tangible impact on the community Socially responsible events focused on the local community
  2. Brand enhancement Long-term partnerships with other prestigious brands
  3. Clearly identifiable benefits Return on investment, media exposure and publicity
  4. Revenue-generating potential Exposure to Qatar Airways' target markets and segments

Submit a proposal

Submit your sponsorship proposal at least 12 weeks prior to the proposed event or activity in order to provide us with adequate time to evaluate your proposal, negotiate agreements, and plan our participation.

Evaluation process and timelines

On receipt of a sponsorship proposal, we will review the sponsorship proposal following the below process: 
  • We shall review the sponsorship proposal to check if it is compliant with our sponsorship criteria;
  • If the proposal conforms with our requirements it will be submitted to other internal stakeholders;
  • After careful review and evaluation of the proposal, a decision will be made and the requesting company will be informed accordingly;
  • If any additional information is required, we shall contact the requesting company;
  • The requesting company will be contacted within four to six weeks of submitting the proposal, only if the sponsorship proposal is approved. 

Due to the high level of interest in Qatar Airways sponsorships, we can only support a limited number of requests. As a result, we sometimes decline opportunities even if they fit our sponsorship guidelines.

Qatar Airways will not consider association with, or sponsorship of, activities related to politics, religious affairs, extreme sports (i.e. wrestling and boxing), unfair competition, explicit content or images, negative behaviour,  or any event or activity taking place less than 12 weeks from the time the proposal is submitted. 

Community relations

Environmental and social responsibility is a major focus for Qatar Airways sponsorships.

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