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Mogadishu: A beacon for renovation

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    يجب أن يرافق كل طفل رضيع شخص بالغ. عند حجز تذكرة بسعر الأطفال الرضع، يجلس الرضيع على حضن والده أو والدته.

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    يجب أن يرافق كل طفل رضيع شخص بالغ. عند حجز تذكرة بسعر الأطفال الرضع، يجلس الرضيع على حضن والده أو والدته.

الرمز الترويجي

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The ancient city of Mogadishu, whilst still very much off the usual tourist trail, is guaranteed to inspire and delight in equal measure. A beautiful old town and a wealth of Italian colonial influences await visitors to this unique and beautiful city, which is steeped in history.

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Mogadishu highlights

The city is an eclectic mix of Italian colonial architecture sitting side-by-side with traditional African markets and sandy, tranquil beaches.

  • المواقع السياحية

    The National Museum of Somalia is perhaps the best place to get a real feel for the history and culture of this complex region. The museum reopened in 2014, and currently hosts several exhibitions of cultural artefacts documenting the life, history and culture of the Somali people.

    The Mosque of Islamic Solidarity is one of the main buildings in the city, and has been lovingly restored.

    The centre for culture is the National Theatre of Somalia, which is bringing a new vibrancy and energy back to the arts in the city. The theatre reopened in 2012, and is working to bring new and exciting performances to the city.

  • الأنشطة الترفيهية

    Mogadishu has several excellent beaches, the best of which include Gezira beach, Warsheekh beach and Jazeera beach. Facilities are very limited, but the sands are clean and the waters warm and shallow.

    Somalis are passionate about football, and the Mogadishu Stadium is the home of the Somalia Cup and the league. There are two other large stadiums in the city, the Banadir Stadium and the Konis Stadium, which has recently undergone a renovation to upgrade its facilities to international standards. Catch a match and get a glimpse of just how much the locals love their football on a Saturday afternoon.

    Music is also undergoing a revival in the city, and small live music venues are springing up, as well as open-air concerts and festivals designed to bring international musicians and dancers to the city.  

  • الطعام

    Somali cuisine is unique and distinctive. Start the day with canjeero, a thin, pancake-like bread that’s eaten with a variety of meats, stew or soup. The Italian influence still has a big impact on Somali cuisine, so you will find a lot of pasta dishes on offer, particularly spaghetti and rice served together with meat and vegetables. For a grab-and-go snack, look out for the Somali version of samosas spiced with hot chillies.

  • التسوق

    Head to the Bakaara Market, the largest market in the whole of Somalia. Explore the labyrinthine market with a guide, rather than on your own, to get the best experience and avoid any tourist traps or unsecured areas.

أهم المعلومات عن Mogadishu

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