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Guidelines for pilgrims traveling to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Guidelines for pilgrims traveling to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA):

  • Air carriers must ensure that pilgrims hold valid traveling documents
  • Air carriers carrying pilgrims to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are required to take all necessary measures to verify and ensure the validity of the visas before boarding process, through the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by entering the QR code.


  • In case of any pilgrim arrival holding expired/fake passports or visa, or without Hajj visa, Penalties specified in the Residence Act and Annes (IV) if the National Aviation Safety Program will be applied. And the air carrier will be responsible to return the passenger if the air carrier is proven to be negligent.
  • Pilgrims must have a confirmed return/onward airline ticket 
  • More pilgrim guidelines availble on the offical Ministry of Hajj website https://www.haj.gov.sa/Haj


Air carriers must be complying with the Following:

  • Informing passengers that the Saudi authority do not allow carrying cola nitida fruit (Goro), nutmeg fruit (Jawzat Alteeb), and any accessory and consumable goods. Such items that exceed intended personal use will be confiscated, destroyed, or re-shipped.
  • Informing passenger who are carrying jewelry or any cash amount equivalent to or more than (60,000) SAR that they must fill out the relevant Customs Declaration Form in both phases.
  • Air carriers strictly prohibited from carrying Zamzam water containers except the allowed amount based on the electronic track of Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, and produce by the Custodian of the Holy Mosque's Zamzam Project. Zamzam water container must be properly wrapped by the wrapping company at the airport. Air carriers must commit to transport pilgrim's Zamzam containers on ferry flights or any nearest alternative flight. Also, pilgrims should be informed not to carry Zamzam containers in their personal luggage during the procedure of check-in. Pilgrim's Zamzam containers shall not be left at the airport until the end of Hajj season.
  • Air carriers operating from Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) airports to Hajj airports must strictly inform their passengers, that Hajj permit is required to perform Hajj. In case of any passenger not holding Hajj permit and wearing "Ihram" during the flight, Saudi authorities will deport him at the expense of the same air carrier.
  • Air carriers must ensure that the data on Hajj permit of GCC citizen is identical with the data on his ID (Passport/ID card) before transporting him from the external stations in the gulf countries and that his departure is based on what is written in his Hajj permit and matches his ID.

HAJJ pilgrim arrival into KSA:

  • HAJJ arrival phase commences on 9 May 2024
  • HAJJ passengers can enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only through JED, MED, TIF and YNB
  • Last entry date for HAJJ passengers including GCC nationals will be 10 June 2024 23:59 GMT

HAJJ pilgrim departure from KSA:

  • Outbound phase of HAJJ flights for HAJJ visa holders and GCC nationals will start from 20 June 2024 until 21 July 2024 23:59 GMT

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