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Minimum Connectng Time (MCT)


Qatar Airways and code-share & interline partners have established minimum intervals, which must allow passengers to make a connection between flights at an airport or city. These intervals are called Minimum Connecting Times (MCTs) and default based on various considerations, e.g. online (intraline) or interline connection, terminal or airport change, combination of domestic or international sectors, flights to specific territories, etc.

According to industry practice, MCT is guaranteed in following scenarios:

  • Seats have been sold from QR online (intraline) or interline availability.
  • All segments have been ticketed on one document, subject that all applicable Fare Basis allow ticketing on one document. Segments have been either booked from intraline/interline availability or MCT has been verified manually.
  • In case of feeder service ticketed on separate document of same validating carrier (issued in connection with prime itinerary), where Fare Basis rules do not allow ticketing on one document. Segments have been either booked from intraline/interline availability or MCT has been verified manually.

Any of the following scenarios  do not guarantee  MCT  and it is the sole responsibility  of passenger  to connect  on onward flight :

  • Segments sold separately and MCT is not adhered.
  • Segments ticketed  on separate documents of different validating carriers.
  • Any tampering leading to MCT violation.   

Any onward misconnection due to above MCT violations shall be treated as  voluntary change.

  • All applicable re-booking/no show/cancelation penalties and ADCs must be collected from passenger.
  • Flight interruption manifest, involuntary Re-validation or exchange consdiering airline fault is not permitted.

Passengers ticketed on OAL documents shall be dealt by respective OAL, validating carrier. In case there is no OAL validating carrier or GHA at the airport of misconnection and QR has ATO/GHA at such airports, it is possible to assist with e-ticket exchange by QR ATO/GHA office. subject that :

  • All Fare Basis allow exchange by QR.
  • Endorsement and control of affected coupons is granted by QR.
  • All applicable penalties and ADCs have been collected from passenger.
  • Inward or Outward flightat the airport of misconnection is any QR flight.


Schedule Change

We kindly request you to follow below guidelines in relation to Schedule Changes for confirmed ticketed segments issued on Qatar Airways (157) stock or plate booked on QR and/or OAL flights 


Schedule Change is a planned change or cancellation of a flight which occurs more than one day prior to schedule departure of the first impacted flight.

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