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Passengers with Reduced Mobility - Disability Assistance

Passenger with Reduced Mobility (PRM) means any person whose mobility is reduced due to physical disability (locomotors or sensory) intellectual impairment, age, illness or any other cause of disability and who need some degree of special accommodation or assistance over and above than what is provided to other passengers.

Medical approval (MEDA) shall not be used for PRMs who only require special assistance or handling and who do not require a medical clearance. Please refer to MEDA handling procedures in case otherwise.

Disability and Medical Assistance

Passengers who, because of their medical, physical or mental condition require special assistance during travelling / flight need to seek prior approval from Qatar Airways. These passengers may require special assistance during any time of travel (e.g. on embarking, disembarking, in an emergency evacuation and/or during ground handling). Incapacitated passengers may have permanent but stable disabilities, or may have temporary disabilities. This assistance will become apparent from special requests made by  the passengers, their family or a medical authority.

When an incapacitated passenger is requesting reservations, Qatar Airways must be advised of the nature of the incapacity and/or of any special requirements and/or conditions associated with the services to be supplied.

The Nature of Medical Condition and Special Assistance Required for Air Travel

Incapacitated passengers are categorized into various groups based on the nature of medical condition and special assistance required for air travel:

  • Medical Case
  • Blind Passenger
  • Deaf Passenger
  • Diabetics with unstable / complicated conditions
  • Incubator
  • Leg in Cast (Left)
  • Leg in Cast (Right)
  • Legs in Cast
  • Mental Deficiency
  • Medical Equipment e.g. Portable Kidney Dialysis machines, CPAP, BIPAP, nebulizer etc.
  • Oxygen – Asthmatic sufferers and other passengers requiring oxygen
  • Sitting Case
  • Special Needs
  • Stretcher
  • Ventilator
  • Wheelchair

Acceptance of Incapacitated Passengers

Care must be taken when accepting an incapacitated passenger for travel as certain diseases or physical conditions can have an adverse effect on the welfare and comfort of other passengers and/or crew members. A Medical Information (MEDIF) form is required to be submitted to QR by or on behalf of the passenger requiring special assistance. Qatar Airways Medical Centre is the final authority to approve air travel for any patient.
Medical conditions for which a MEDIF is mandatory are listed below.

  • Stretcher
  • Incubator
  • Wheelchair
  • Diabetics with Stable Condition
  • Diabetics with Unstable / Complicated Condition
  • Mentally Deficient Passenger
  • Divers
  • Asthmatic Sufferers
  • Sitting Fracture Case
  • Passengers with Portable Kidney Dialysis Machines or any Medical Equipment Including Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)
  • Passengers with Implants
  • Communicable Disease (SARS, Swine Flu etc.)
  • Severe / Hyper Allergies 

The following requirements are mandatory in order to avoid delays in handling the case/request:

  • MEDIF: Details filled in completely by passenger’s Physician in the MEDIF form (part 2 on page 3) i.e. MEDA 01 through MEDA 16 and signature & stamp of the attending physician. A detailed Medical Report is mandatory with MEDIF;
  • Indemnity Form (standard) (Not to be used for travel between Doha and U.S. stations and vice versa);
  • Certification: If the passenger needs to be provided continuous oxygen and if unescorted by medical team then certification is required from the attending physician on a prescribed form that the non-medical escort is trained to administer oxygen;
  • Medical Report is a mandatory requirement for Stretcher cases, Incubator, Ventilator, requests requiring medical escort, Wheelchair WCHC for passengers with recent temporary disabilities,  Diabetics with unstable / complicated conditions, Mentally Deficient passengers, Pregnancy cases (Condition No.1 - Beginning of 33rd week and up to and not beyond 35th week for normal / single pregnancy without complication. Condition No. 2 - Beginning of 29th week and up to and not beyond 32nd week for multiple or complicated pregnancy), asthmatic sufferers requiring oxygen, passengers using any medical equipment/s on board and where required by QR Doctor.
  • Medical Certificate includes a brief diagnosis and states whether the passenger is fit for air travel. Medical Certificate may be required in less serious medical condition for which there is no need to fill in MEDIF. The certificate should state if this condition is communicable or infectious or if there is a need to have precautionary measure/s to observe.

The following is applicable for Medical Certificate:

  • In general, the Medical Certificate must be dated within 10 days of the scheduled date of the passenger’s initial departing flight and remains valid for the return journey;
  • The validity requirements of the Medical Certificate vary for Pregnancy cases and communicable disease.

Ensure that the accepted MEDIF is for QR flight departing at least 48 hours but not more than 7 days from the time of receipt of MEDIF complete in all respects / requirements. Special requests for emergency travel and stretcher cases are entertained within 24 hours provided the MEDIF, medical report and other forms are complete.


  • QR does not accept incapacitated passengers for interline transportation.
  • Wheelchairs owned by passengers are carried free of charge and not included in the baggage allowance.
  • Qatar Airways carries a special wheelchair on board all wide body Aircrafts.
  • Fare to be charged is 6 times the highest applicable economy one-way adult market or IATA fare (whichever is higher) on the sector flown as stretcher.


Stretcher cases include bedding, pillows and curtains to provide privacy. Stretcher borne passengers might need oxygen during flight. Approval from QR Doctor on MEDIF is required. Fare is six (6) times the highest applicable Economy One-Way Adult Market  fare (whichever is highest) on the sector flown as stretcher.

Requests for Stretcher / Incubator are entertained on Most QR itineraries except transit itineraries / passengers (certain restrictions apply)

Bagage allowance for stretcher :

  • Total free baggage allowance will be equal to the number of fares paid
    (Max 99 Kgs)
  • Cabin baggage limits will be as applicable to each passenger


Infants less than 8 days old may be accepted, only as approved MEDICAL case. Approval from QR Doctor on MEDIF is required. Fare is one (1) infant plus five (5) times the highest applicable Economy One-Way Adult Market or IATA fare (whichever is highest) on the sector flown.

Rebooking/Cancellation & No-show Charges for the stretcher/incubator passenger

Due to the extensive preparations required to confirm and install the stretcher/incubator, in case of Rebooking/Cancellation or a No-show, a fixed charge of USD200 is applicable (multiply by either 6 or 5 times) based on whether the case is a stretcher or incubator.

For Stretcher, the penalty will be USD200 x 6 = USD1200.

For Incubator, the penalty will be USD200 x 5 = USD1000.

*No-Show is defined as failure to cancel reservations 3 hours prior to departure of the flight.


  • Stretcher/Incubator can only be fitted in Economy Cabin
  • Prior approval must be taken from QR medical centre for cases of Stretcher/Incubator
  • Stretcher/Incubator cases MUST always be accompanied by MEDICAL escort unless authorised by QR doctor
  • Stretcher/Incubator requests will not be entertained for transit itineraries/passengers
  • With Immediate effect, all Stretcher cases received will be requested to travel with a minimum ot two medical escorts. These can consist of Dr, Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Critical Paramedic or any other suitable  medically qualified individual.
  • Baggage Allowance:
    Check-in baggage allowance for routes with weight concept is 99 Kgs; for routes with piece concept is 9 pieces);
    Cabin baggage allowance is 1 Piece not exceeding 7 Kgs, in the dimension of 50 x 37 x 25 cm (20 x 15 x 10 inches)

Wheelchair definitions


Wheelchair - non-spill able battery to be transported by a passenger who will require advance notification and may require preparation disassembly. Weight and dimensions may be specified. Wheelchair and battery must be claimed and rechecked at each interline transfer point (by bilateral



Wheelchair - wet cell battery to be transported by a passenger. Will require advance notification and may require preparation (dis)assembly. Weight and dimensions may be specified. Wheelchair and battery must be claimed and rechecked at each interline transfer point (by bilateral agreement)


Wheelchair - C for cabin seat (Specify if passenger is travelling with own wheelchair and if such is battery-operated.)


Wheelchair - R for ramp. Passenger can ascend/descend steps and make own way to/from cabin seat, but requires wheelchair for distance to/from aircraft, i.e. across ramp, finger dock or to mobile lounge as applicable. When service animal is accompanying passenger, specify the type of animal in free text of SSR item. (Specify if passenger is travelling with own wheelchair and if such is battery-operated.)


Wheelchair - S for steps. Passenger cannot ascend/descend steps but is able to make own way to/from cabin seat; requires wheelchair for distance to/from aircraft or mobile lounge and must be carried up/down steps. (Specify if passenger is travelling with own wheelchair and if such is battery-operated.)


Wheelchair - Lithium ion battery to be transported by a passenger which will require advance notification/preparation. Weight and dimensions may be specified. Wheelchair and battery must be claimed and rechecked at each interline transfer point (by bilateral agreement)


Wheelchair - Manual power to be transported by a passenger. Weight and dimensions may be specified (by bilateral agreement)


on-board wheelchair - provided by airline (by bilateral agreement) 48 hours notice recommended but not required

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