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Qatar Announces Construction Tenders Worth More Than US$ 2.5 Billion For New Doha Airport

DUBAI - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: The gas-rich Gulf State of Qatar has announced that is about to start awarding tenders worth more than US$ 2.5 billion for the construction of the new Doha International Airport.

At a largely attended press meet during the Dubai Air Show, Mr Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways, which operates Doha International Airport, announced that as a first step, global consultancy, Bechtel, has completed the Masterplan for the new Doha International Airport.

"Not only Qatar and the Gulf, but the entire world has been inquiring about details of the project since it was formally announced at the World Travel Market in London on November 10. Interest has been overwhelming and gratifying - especially from construction majors who have been clamouring for information about the progress of the signature development in Qatar," Mr. Al Baker said.

"Construction companies will soon be able to bid for more than $2.5 billion worth of tenders for the first phase of Qatar's new signature Doha International Airport, which will be developed as a major aviation hub for traffic between Far East-Australasia and Europe-North America, with an ultimate capacity of 50 million passengers.

"U.S.-based construction and engineering company Bechtel has just completed the Masterplan and once tendered, will be split into 18 construction packages during the next 60 months," Mr. Al Baker said.

Mr Al Baker also announced that UK-based BAE Systems will be advisor to the airline during the Masterplan phase.

He said during the 60-month Phase One period of the new development, the airport - half of which will be reclaimed from the sea - will have a capacity of 12 million passengers.

The construction packages for Phase One of the new Doha International Airport will cover the following areas:

  •  Site Preparation

  • Land Reclamation

  • Runways and Aprons

  • Navigation Aids / Meteorology / Radar

  • Airfield Operations Facilities

  • Cargo Complex

  • Fuel Farm

  • Airside Buildings

  • Control Tower

  • Aircraft Maintenance Complex

  • Airside Roads / Lighting / Signage

  • Passenger Terminal Building Foundations

  • Passenger Terminal Building Superstructure and Systems

  • Emiri Terminal

  • Site Utilities

  • Landside Roads / Lighting / Signage

  • Landscaping / Irrigation

  • Landside Buildings

  Detailed design work will continue throughout 2004 and 2005, as the site is reclaimed and prepared. Construction of the new airport's major facilities will begin from 2005, said the airline's CEO.

"There is ongoing negotiation with Bechtel to conclude the design and project management component of this development. This project will be Qatar's most spectacular first impression for tourist and business visitors," said Mr. Al Baker said.

Qatar is the latest economic miracle of the Gulf. It may be a smaller member of OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries), but it holds among the world's largest reserves of natural gas - the fuel of the future. The State is on a massive development drive utilising its revenues to fund major development projects like the new Doha International Airport.

"Our leadership in Qatar realise that first impressions are, perhaps, the most important. That is why we have embarked upon a signature project - the airport - where the visitors will have a first impression of the country," said Mr. Al Baker.

"We are determined to create a positive first impression for all who touch down at the new Doha International Airport," he said.

He pointed out that the unique experience of Qatar would begin - for those flying Qatar Airways - at the origin of their journey. The award-winning airline has been voted as having the best cabin crew in the Middle East by independent international surveys.

The new airport will be the hub for Qatar's flag carrying airline. "It will be critical to the ambitions of Qatar Airways to become a global airline. The new airport will allow us to offer our passengers fast and efficient connections as we build a route network of over 60 destinations by 2005-end," the airline CEO said.

The kind of facilities we will offer will make it almost a logical choice for major airlines to use the new airport - like Qatar Airways - as a hub. "It is, after all, astride on the East-West global connections," Mr. Al Baker pointed out.

"Our new airport will set the benchmark for future airport development - you cannot expect any less as a passenger. It will be a global signature of the vision of Qatar," Mr. Al Baker said. Construction will start next year. The futuristic airport will have two parallel runways. The Terminal will have 80 Contact Gates and will be able to accommodate six A380-800 Super Jumbos when fully developed. The complex will also include three high classification hotels for the convenience of visitors.

The 21st century transfer hub is designed in such a way as to transfer passengers and their baggage from aircraft to aircraft within 30 minutes. The new Doha International Airport will also be one of the world's first airports to be designed and built specifically for the Airbus A380-800 - the world's largest passenger aircraft.

When it opens during 2008 after completion of Phase One, it will be able to accommodate two A380-800s at any one time. By the time the new airport is fully developed, it will be able to accommodate six A380-800s, said Mr Al Baker.

The 2,200-hectare airport site is to the east of the existing Doha International Airport. It will be developed in three stages, with work onsite to start in the middle of 2004 and the ultimate phase for completion by 2015.

Phase One of the new airport development will be completed by late 2008. It alone will cost up to US$ 2.5 billion, and will include:
  • Reclaiming nearly 50 per cent of the site from the sea with 46 million square metres of fill.

  • One 4,850-metre Runway capable of taking a fully laden A380-800.

  • A second 4,250-metre Runway.

  • A 130,000 square metre three-storey Terminal with 24 Contact Gates, two of which will cater to the A380-800. The terminal will have a capacity of 12 million passengers per annum.

  • At least seven Remote Gates.

  • An Airport Hotel adjacent to the terminal, and one 100-room Hotel within the Terminal for transit passengers.

  • More than 25,000 square metres of Retail Facilities and comfortable Lounges.

  • Multi-storey short-term and long-term Parking.

  • An Amiri (Royal) Terminal complex for VIP flights.

  • An Aircraft Maintenance Centre with Hangers that can accommodate two A380-800s and three A-340s at any one time.

  • A Cargo Facility with a capacity of 750,000 tonnes per annum. It will have eight hardstand aircraft parking bays.

  • General Aviation Terminal and Hanger.

  • A Courier and Mail Facility.

  • A Free Trade Zone and Business Park.

  • A new Qatar Airways' Headquarters building.

  • New Qatar Airways' Training Facilities that will include flight simulators.

  • Three Road Interchanges to access the new airport from Ras Aboud Road.


The Mid-term Phase of the new airport development will include:

  •  The addition of a further 16 Contact Gates and five Remote Gates. Of the total 40 Contact Gates, four will cater to A380-800s.

  • Extension of Terminal building to 219,000 square metres, to handle 24 million passengers per annum.

  • A 'People Mover' or suspended monorail that will transport passengers through the Terminal.

  • An additional 100-room Hotel for transit passengers.

The Final Phase of the new airport development will include:

  • The addition of another 40 Contact Gates, so that the terminal will have a total of 80 Contact Gates - six of them will cater to A380-800s.

  • The further extension of the Terminal building to 416,000 square metres, to handle 50 million passengers per annum.

Until the new airport is opened, the existing airport will be significantly upgraded to handle the increase in passenger growth.

Qatar Airways has already announced a US$ 38 million programme to upgrade the terminal this year, as part of a broader US$ 140 million programme to increase the annual capacity of the airport from 4.2 million to 7.5 million passengers.

Qatar Airways presently has a fleet of 29 Airbus aircraft that includes: five A330s, 12 A320s, nine A300s, one A300 cargo freighter, and two A319 Corporate Jetliners.

Three leased A320s will be retired from the Qatar Airways fleet during 2004.

Qatar Airways Corporate Communications
Tel: +974 4496956, Fax: +974 4620132
E-mail: qrmedia@qatarairways.com.qa

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