Flights to Saudi Arabia with Qatar Airways

Saudi Arabia has coastlines with the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf and is home to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, which Muslims from around the world visit every year. Travel to Saudi Arabia with Qatar Airways and explore a remarkable country for business and leisure travelers alike.

Saudi Arabia is traditional in many ways, with a lot of the countries’ attractions catering to families – the most important social structure in the Kingdom. In addition to high-end shopping with international brands, the country houses beaches and amusement parks guaranteed to provide some quality time with the family.  Many of the bigger cities have their own zoos and parks, and many top-rate hotels also feature some form of family-oriented light entertainment.
If you’re looking for a fun day out, take a stroll around the scenic Jeddah Corniche and then head to the beach for some scuba diving.   

The food scene in Saudi Arabia is especially good, with cities like Jeddah renowned for its classy restaurants. Riyadh has lots of cafés in its malls and around its outskirts. If you’re interested in trying more local cuisine, the national Saudi dish is Kabsa, which is primarily a rice-based dish featuring lamb or chicken mixed generously with pungent spices.

Fly to Saudi Arabia with Qatar Airways and discover a popular business destination for entrepreneurs and executives and a country that has plenty of surprises for the first-time visitor.


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