Flights to Bahrain with Qatar Airways

Bahrain is an archipelago in the Persian Gulf, consisting of 33 separate islands, and the seas around it have always had an important influence on all facets of its life.
Travel to Bahrain with Qatar Airways and you’ll discover a fascinating island country with many cultural and historical attractions.

The shallow waters of the islands have once been the ideal locations for pearl fishing, the traditional industry in Bahrain.  Today, enterprising developers are creating a futuristic skyline of glass and metal right down to the water’s edge.
The enormous World Trade Centre in Bahrain is just one example of their industry and enterprise, and the man-made islands close to the extreme south of the country are another.

Unique and beautiful cityscapes line the streets of Bahrain, but the country also has a long and fascinating history, and the legacies of this can be found right across the area in the form of historic forts and age-old burial mounds, and the more recent traditional craft markets and potteries.

During your trip to Bahrain, be sure to visit the Bahrain National Museum in the capital Manama, which showcases many interesting artefacts that speak of the country’s importance as a marketplace for Middle Eastern traders.
The Dilmun civilisation flourished in this region for several thousand years, and is well represented in the collections.

More recently, the discovery of oil in 1932 have set the scene for a rapid development in the country, and the industry has been the main driver of the country’s economy since.
When you fly to Bahrain with Qatar Airways, enjoy a pleasant stroll in the Bab el-Bahrain souk to buy authentic souvenirs like spices, pearls and hand-woven fabrics.

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