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Discover a new destination

Make the most of incredible fares while they last and journey to a new city. To inspire your vacation planning, we have highlighted a few reasons to visit our top deal destinations.

Why visit Seychelles? | Fares from $1125*

1) Pristine beaches
Hike to Anse Major beach and experience ultimate solitude on this quiet, paradisic island.

2) Water activities
Seychelles is a playground for water sports. Enjoy jet-skiing, water-skiing, fishing and more.

3) Delicious food
Home to delectable Creole cooking, indulge in coconut infused dishes, fish and fresh curries.

Why visit Bangkok? | Fares from $710*

1) Cultural capital
Known as the cultural capital of Thailand, the city is laden with centuries-old Buddhist temples.

2) Lively nightlife
The sensory-rich city is known for its bustling nightlife and lively street scenes.

3) Shopping hotspot
Bangkok is famous for its modern shopping malls and local clothing markets.

Why visit Manila? | Fares from $900*

1) Cultural diversity
Manila is a melting pot of cultures from Malay to Japanese, Spanish to American.

2) Swinging nightlife
From flamboyant jeepneys to vibrant karaoke bars, Manila is teeming with nightlife.

3) Delectable food
You'll find all kinds of delicious Filipino dishes in Manila, as well as plenty of other cuisines.

Complement your journey

Explore the additional services we offer to make your journey even more memorable.

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