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Explore the food of the world

From the coastal delicacies found off the shores of the Indian Ocean to the fragrant flavors of home-style dishes in the Middle East, we have an incredible destination for every traveling gourmand to explore. Let your stomach decide where to vacation next and explore our top list for tasting the food of the world.


Image of some cookies on a plate in Adelaide, Australia.

You can’t go to Australia and not eat a meat pie and dunk an ANZAC biscuit in your bush tea. ANZAC biscuits originated from the war - they were sent by loved ones to soldiers in battle as the ingredients do not spoil easily. They taste delicious, rich with flavors of rolled oats, coconut and golden syrup. The 'Aussie' meat pie is also recognized as an iconic national dish, and this meat-stuffed pastry is a staple for locals and a must eat for visitors. Typically, pies are filled with minced beef, but the options are endless with steak and mushroom, and chicken and vegetable often featured on the menu. Australians like to eat their pies topped with gravy and with a side of mashed potato. You’ll find meat pies in any local café, corner store or pub.

Discover Australia


Naturally, rice dishes are a popular item on food menus in Thailand. So much so that the words ‘I’m hungry’ when translated to Thai actually means ‘I want to eat rice’. Pad Thai is a dish made from rice noodles, stir fried shrimp, eggs, vegetables and peanuts for flavor. Whilst you can find this dish in most restaurants, we recommend exploring the street markets for a truly authentic taste of Thailand. 

Discover Thailand


Image of traditional Indian food

You will never be too far from a big bowl of biryani in India, from its origin off the streets of bustling Mumbai to the restaurants located down the narrow alleyways of Old Delhi. Biryani is an iconic dish of fragrant rice tossed with meats, herbs and spices. We recommend heading to one of the many local curry houses for a truly authentic, Indian biryani experience.

Discover India


Sashimi is one of the most famous dishes in Japan, and absolutely must be tried when traveling this South East Asian country. Slices of raw seafood are served with soy sauce and wasabi to create a delicious and nutritious meal. Visit one of the wholesale seafood markets in Tokyo which are also decked with great street food stalls, restaurants and cafes serving the freshest seafood. 

Discover Japan


Image of some dumplings in Guangzhou, China.

Soup dumplings, which are most commonly named as xiaolongbao are one of the most famous dishes to be eaten in China. Originating from Shanghai, these little dumplings can be found all over the country. The best places to eat them are hole-in-the-wall style outlets and, surprisingly, chain restaurants. Din Tai Fung is one of these chains, and can be found in both Shanghai and Hong Kong. 

Discover China

South Africa

Originally created by the indigenous in South Africa, biltong is a preserved meat which is prepared by salting and flavoring meat with spices and hanging it to dry. It is basically the bar snack of South Africa, typically enjoyed with a refreshing beverage. You can find biltong in most supermarkets, restaurants or in dedicated stores. We recommend heading to one of the dedicated biltong stores for a taste test as there are many spices to choose from, form extra hot and spicy to smoky, and even lemon and herb.

Discover South Africa


Pho is a historical dish, with flavors shaped by the French influence and the splitting of North and South Vietnam. Pho from the North focuses on the taste of the rice noodles, meat and a simplistic broth, which is then often seasoned with a healthy pinch of salt and pepper. Pho from the South is rich with spices and flavor, typically garnished with bean sprouts, herbs and sauces that we are more familiar with in the Americas. We recommend exploring the Sapa Mountains in Hanoi to try a bowl of traditional Northern Vietnamese pho – you won’t regret it.

Discover Vietnam


A culinary tradition in Cambodia is the art of cooking fish, meat or vegetables in a thick coconut milk soup. The word ‘amok’ refers to the steaming process that takes place, where this broth is wrapped in banana leaves to cook. Fish amok is a must-eat when visiting Cambodia and one of the dishes that the locals create to perfection. Phnom Penh is teaming with restaurants where to eat this popular dish, with two well-known places being Eleven One Kitchen and Malis Restaurant.

Discover Cambodia


Whilst chicken tandoori is enjoyed internationally, Pakistan is the place to experience the best of this iconic dish. It is created by marinating chicken in dahi, a spice blend named tandoori masala and, of course, chili. Street markets are bustling with activity and traditional dishes, but we recommend visiting a traditional Pakistani restaurant for an authentic taste of local cuisine and a unique experience of Pakistani culture. Karachi has an incredible mix of both.

Discover Pakistan


Image of a stir fry spicy Manila Clams in Manila, Philippines.

Filipino food typically scathes under the radar in popularity but we think that gourmands should flock to the Philippines to taste their local cuisine, particularly their adobo. Adobo is the process of marinating meat, seafood or vegetables in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and black peppercorns. It is typically a home-style dish, so we recommend dining at a local family-owned restaurant to enjoy this traditional Filipino meal.

Discover the Philippines


Nasi lemak, the national fare of Malaysia is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. It is typically eaten for breakfast, but visitors can indulge in this delicious meal at any time of the day. Due to its array of cultural influences, Kuala Lumpur is the place to taste nasi lemak in all its forms, from street food style to Chinese style and of course, traditional Malaysian style.

Discover Malaysia


Image of Arabic sweets displayed in a shop

You can’t visit Lebanon and not tuck into a mezza. Usually served as a share plate dish, mezza is typically made up of hummus, baba ghanouj, labneh, tabbouleh, fattoush, sambusek, stuffed grape leaves, falafel and, of course, plenty of pita bread to slop it all up. There's generally a delectable range of sweets available to indulge in after your mezza. Mezza (and sweets bars) are served at most Middle Eastern influenced restaurants around Lebanon.

Discover Lebanon



The Middle Eastern region is known for its tasty lamb and rice dishes. Particularly in Qatar, where ghuzi is enjoyed by most locals and visitors alike. Ghuzi is a whole roast lamb served over nutty rice and is typically enjoyed as a main meal. It can be found in many Middle Eastern restaurants around the city of Doha, but we recommend visiting Souq Wakif to find this great dish, and washing it down with a delicious cup of karak tea.

Discover Qatar


Image of dried chili pepper and other spices

Traditionally cooked on the shores of a river, masgouf is one of the most popular Iraqi dishes. Masgouf is a butterflied fish seasoned with Middle Eastern spices and cooked on an open fire. Baghdad prides itself on making the best masgouf, which is typically served with rice, Iraqi bread, local fruits and vegetables. It can be found at many restaurants throughout the city as well as at several fast-food eateries.

Discover Iraq


Jordanians love sweet delicacies, so naturally, if you visit Jordan you must taste some of the bespoke desserts on offer. One outstanding, well-known Jordanian treat is the kanafeh, a pastry fried in butter, topped with soft cheese and green pistachios. Amman is the place to be to try local Jordanian cuisine, with sweet specialties available in many local restaurants and eateries.

Discover Jordan


Singapore is known for its delectable, unique chili crab dish. It is generally served as a whole crab on a plate, surrounded with a chili tomato sauce named mantou. Tuck into the crab by breaking the shells with your fingers to ensure you get to all of the succulent crab meat – you’re guaranteed for a messy, delicious dining experience. You will find this chili crab dish in most local restaurants in Singapore, with one of the most renowned spots named JUMBO Seafood.

Discover Singapore


Khachapuri is eaten by Georgians like pizza is eaten by Italians. This popular bread-like dish is filled with cheese and topped with an egg and butter. It is known as Georgia’s national dish and can vary on look and taste based on where you’re located in Georgia. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants around Tbilisi which serve khachapuri - we recommend trying as many kinds as you can to discover which region’s you like best. Georgia thrives on local produce, take your time to explore the local markets and taste the fruits and vegetables of the region.

Discover Georgia


Ethiopia’s traditional dish is influenced by the world’s smallest grain, teff, which is grown all throughout the country. The grain is made into an injera bread, which is prepared in a large circular metal tray. This is served alongside different curried and stewed meats, beans and vegetables that have been cooked with traditional Ethiopian spices. Instead of using bowls to serve the meats and vegetables, they are ladled straight onto the injera to then be traditionally eaten with your hands.  

Discover Ethiopia


Coffee may not be a food item, but it’s a known fact that Kenya is renowned all over the world for its coffee beans. Naturally, you cannot visit Kenya without enjoying one of its finest cups. Nairobi is laden with cafes that serve the best of the best, from coffee houses to local cafes and almost every restaurant. A traditional cup of coffee is a tasty refreshment after consuming a plate of Ugali, which is authentic Kenyan cuisine, served with a stew-like dish named Githeri.

Discover Kenya


Image of watermelon

Indonesia has an abundance of food to discover, from snacks in street food carts to local dishes in hawker markets and fine-dining restaurants. The country is known for producing creative, Instagram-able dishes to appeal to the array of tourists that visit the coastal areas – look out for the most delicious acai bowls laden in local fruits. But, if you are looking for more of a traditional feed, indulge in a bowl of nasi goreng or mie goreng. 

Discover Indonesia
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