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One of the few pain points of traveling on a long haul journey, is the aftermath of jet lag. Whilst you may want to dive straight into your travel itinerary as soon as you land at your destination, this is often compromised by having to recover from traveling to a different time zone. To ensure you make the most of your vacation, Qatar Airways shares a few pro tips on how to beat the dreaded effects of jet lag.

Before your flight

Qatar Airways A350 flying over Doha skyline

Book the right flight for you
When traveling long-haul, be mindful of the best departure time for your sleeping patterns. If you can easily sleep on planes, opt for a day time departure flight. Taking the substantial time difference into consideration, you’ll be able to enjoy a decent snooze onboard and arrive at your destination the next morning ready to tackle the day. If you’re unlikely to sleep onboard, try and depart in the evening. You can relax and enjoy the world-class service of Qatar Airways, and arrive at your destination in the evening ready to enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Settle into vacation mode early
Jet lag typically affects those with a strict schedule the most. This is simply because it makes it harder for your mind and body to adjust to a new time zone. In the few days leading up to your vacation, relax your schedule and avoid having a rigid routine of eating and sleeping. You’ll adjust to the time zone much quicker and feel less sluggish.

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During the flight


Image of a lady sitting in an Economy Class cabin.


Take advantage of Qatar Airways’ ambient lighting
One way to minimize the effects of jet lag is to be savvy with the type of aircraft you travel on. Most of the Qatar Airways aircrafts feature advanced LED lighting that mimics sunrise and sunset, providing the look and feel of natural lighting. The relaxing ambience helps you to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Stay hydrated
This may seem an obvious one, but did you know you can lose up to one gallon of water on a long haul flight? Try and drink the equivalent to one glass of water every hour throughout your journey and avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee and soda. Staying hydrated will help you to sleep more, keep your skin hydrated, ward off any sickness and ensure you feel refreshed when you reach your destination.


Move around the aircraft
As well as minimizing the risk of circulatory issues, exercising your limbs will help with the effects of jet lag. Slow blood flow is not only unhealthy, but it is also a key contributor to feeling exhausted after traveling. Move around the aircraft as much as possible, even if that means doing laps of the aircraft every now and then, or standing up for a few minutes to flex your legs and feet.

Listen to the cabin crew
Believe it or not, the meal and sleeping times onboard have been carefully curated to reduce the effects of jet lag and improve your travel recovery time. Take advantage of these cues from the cabin crew - eat when there is a meal service and sleep when they dim the lights. It will help you adjust to your new time zone and make you less concerned about what time it is at your departure origin.

After your flight


An African family walking by the beach.

Seek the sunshine
Instead of starting your vacation with an indoor activity, try and stay outdoors in the sunshine. It will be much easier to stay awake when you are active in daylight - the vitamin D will help to boost your energy.

Stay active
Now, we are not recommending that you run a marathon, but we are saying that it’s a great idea to remain active once you have arrived at your destination. On the day of or after travel, try and participate in some low-key exercise or embark on an active day of sightseeing. Not only will the activity increase your energy levels but it will also boost your endorphins, making you feel much less sluggish.

Avoid sleeping in the day
Perhaps the worst thing you can do after a long haul flight is sleep throughout the day. Whilst we recommend going to bed earlier than usual to recover, make sure this is still in the evening. Sleeping throughout the day will only delay the time zone adjustment and prolong the chronic effects of jet lag.

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