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Book a flight to Hofuf with Qatar Airways

In Hofuf, you can explore Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahsa oasis or delve into the region’s archaeological sites and rich history. Perched at the halfway point between Riyadh and Dammam, Hofuf is known for its five-star hotels, Ottoman castles, bustling souqs and limestone caves.

Book a flight to Hofuf with Qatar Airways to see Arabia old and new, from camel racing to luxurious malls.

Hofuf highlights

Feast your eyes upon the Ottoman majesty of Qasr Ibrahim; wallow in the eye-watering natural beauty of Jabal Qara; then bask in the evening illuminations of King Abdullah Park Fountain; this is Hofuf.

  • Tourist attractions

    Make time for King Abdullah Park Fountain, named in 2012 as one of the world's largest fountains. Particularly breathtaking under night-time illumination, local families and tourists flock here throughout the year. The surrounding 500,000-square-metre park is also home to restaurants and playgrounds.

    Many visitors are keen to learn more about the region's history, and Hofuf has several attractions that have inspiring stories to tell. Jawatha Mosque, built around 629 AD, is today an archaeological marvel. While most of the original building is gone, you can still see the mud-brick arches of the old construction.

    Qasr Ibrahim is a must-see during any trip to Hofuf; an Ottoman castle imbued with a fascinating blend of military and Islamic influences. The building was renovated in the 19th century but retains many of its original features.

  • Leisure activities

    Hofuf attracts visitors throughout the year, but it can get uncomfortably hot during the summer months. Visit during the spring, when the weather is cooler, and head east of the city to Jabal Qara. These mountains house limestone caves, canyons and unusual rock formations, ripe for exploring. This is also a great spot to pick up souvenirs – a shop at the base of the mountain sells pottery and crafts by artisans native to the region.

    Travel to Hofuf and you simply must spend a morning exploring Qaisariah Souq, the ideal place to enjoy a traditional Arabic coffee with Hofuf residents, or haggle for fabrics, clothes and eastern perfumes. On Thursdays, make your way to the city’s outskirts for the camel market, which also includes races between these “ships of the desert”.

    If you have time during your trip, Hofuf Museum is well worth visiting. The ultra-modern exterior of the building is in stark contrast to the antiquities within.

  • Food

    Traditional Saudi Arabian cuisine is easy to find in Hofuf and there are also plenty of Indian restaurants. Make sure you experience authentic Arabian coffee – the coffee houses near the souq are the best place to try it.

    Falafel, fried chickpea fritters and mezze (small dishes, designed for sharing) are all popular here. Food in Hofuf is heavily influenced by Turkish and Persian cultures. Make sure you try a baklava with your coffee. This sweet filo pastry with nuts and sugar syrup, is the perfect accompaniment to the strong local blend.

    The city's five-star hotels are the best place to head for international cuisine and fine dining. Many offer lunchtime buffets that provide high-quality international-style dishes. For dining on the go, or fast food, Hofuf's malls have food courts where you can choose from a range of options.

  • Shopping

    The region’s palm trees produce over half a million tonnes of dates each year. Dates and date confectionery is a great souvenir of your trip to Hofuf. You will also find many ornamental swords and daggers, as well as copper, brass and cloth items, but make sure you check your home country’s customs regulations, before you buy weapons.

    For antiquities and brass products, such as traditional Arabian coffee pots, head for the Qaisariah Souq. A stroll through the bustling streets lined with traders will reveal high-quality cloth, traditional clothing, locally produced crafts and eastern perfumes. Haggling here is essential, to obtain the best prices.

    For luxury goods and designer brands, the city's malls are hard to beat. The largest is Al Ahsa Mall, followed by Othaim Mall, which are home to international brands as well as Arabic ones. Most malls also have food courts offering a range of fast food and more traditional options. Indoor playgrounds and activities for children are usually available; making malls a great choice for families visiting Hofuf.

Essential facts about Hofuf

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