Bonus Qmiles await you

for every spend with our financial partners

Earn bonus Qmiles

You will be entitled to earn an additional 7-12 Qmiles for every KWD 1 spent on flights booked online for all your journeys that start on and from 1st June 2014 onwards.

Simply follow the steps below to earn your bonus Qmiles:

  • Purchase your tickets online at
  • Add your Privilege Club Membership number at the time of booking
  • Complete the transaction using your Qatar Airways Burgan Bank cobranded credit card

*Terms and conditions apply

To find out more about our partner and the Burgan Bank Qatar Airways Cobranded card, please click here.

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Bonus Qmiles will be calculated based on amount of Qatar Airways Cobranded Card spend as follows:

Burgan Card Type Bonus Criteria* Account/Statement Description
Qatar Airways Burgan Cobranded  Gold 7 Qmiles for each KWD spent Online spend bonus Qatar Airways Burgan Bank Gold Mastercard
Qatar Airways Burgan Cobranded Platinum 12 Qmiles for each KWD spent Online spend bonus Qatar Airways Burgan Bank Platinum Mastercard

Terms and conditions

● Bonus Qmiles are applicable when flight bookings are completed and paid online at using the Qatar Airways Burgan co-branded credit card for tickets booked from 1st June 2014 and onwards. 

● Bonus Qmiles are calculated on base fare only and will be rounded off to the nearest digit. Qatar Airways calculation of Qmiles for a transaction will be final in the event of any difference in calculation criteria used by the bank. 

● Card spend in any other currency will be converted to Qatari riyals on the exchange rate defined by Qatar Airways for the calculation of bonus Qmiles. 

● Bonus Qmiles are not applicable on award tickets or where payment is made offline or through any channel other than 

● To ensure that you receive your bonus Qmiles, please provide your membership number at the point of booking. 

● Bonus Qmiles will not be awarded if the membership number is not provided at time of booking. 

● Bonus Qmiles will be credited to the account upon completion of flight. 

● Bonus Qmiles will be credited only to members with a main membership status and members with family membership status aren’t eligible to receive the bonus Qmiles. 

● In case of a booking with multiple passengers or where the co-branded credit card holder is not a passenger in the PNR, bonus Qmiles for the entire transaction value will be credited to the membership account of the first passenger in the PNR with a membership number (main member status), even if this passenger is not the co-branded credit card holder. 

● Co-branded credit card holders who are also holding Family membership status on Privilege Club are not eligible for online booking bonus Qmiles. 

● Qatar Airways reserves the right to discontinue this Bonus Qmiles entitlement at anytime at its sole discretion.

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