Graduate Developee Programme

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Programme overview

The Graduate Developee Programme is designed for multiple disciplines and provides opportunities for graduates from 35 majors. It is a one to two year programme based in Doha, Qatar with rotations across Qatar Airways based on the course of study.

The programme allows nationals to pursue various roles across Qatar Airways. It provides a general aviation and role-specific development to produce well-rounded graduates who understand the organisation and have the capabilities to take on first-line management roles within specific departments.

Minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Must be Qatari or have a Qatari mother  
  • Must be between the age of 20 and 28 years
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an institution approved by the Supreme Education Council – Higher Education Institute
  • IELTS for Qatari candidates – Overall score of 5.5 or above, 5.5 for reading, 5.5 for writing

  • IELTS for candidates with Qatari mothers – Overall score of 6.0 or above, 5.5 for reading, 5.5 for writing  
  • CID clearance  
  • Medical clearance

Programme benefits:

  • Opportunities to experience various work environments.
  • Growth opportunities to develop a career pathway to a future leadership role in the aviation sector.
  • World-class learning and development opportunities with external strategic learning partners.

Graduate Developee Programme streams:

  • Graduate Commercial Programme 
  • Graduate Engineering Programme 
  • Graduate Human Resources Programme 
  • Graduate Finance and Business Management Programme 
  • Graduate Brand and Customer Experience Programme 
  • Graduate Information Technology  Programme 

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