Sponsorship criteria

Qatar Airways seeks to identify innovative projects that enable us to reach our business and brand-building goals. Some of the key criteria we look for in a sponsorship include:

• Exposure to Qatar Airways’ target markets and segments;
• Brand enhancement through associations with other prestigious brands;
• Revenue-generating potential;
• Prominent standing within the community;
• Prominent publicity and promotion for the initiative or event;
• Clearly identifiable benefits including, but not limited to, return on investment/objectives, media exposure, cross-promotional opportunities, etc.;
• Primary sponsorship availability for Qatar Airways;
• Opportunity for a long-term association;
• Socially responsible initiatives and events.

Qatar Airways will not consider association with, or sponsorship of, activities related to:

• Politics;
• Religious affairs;
• Extreme sports (e.g. wrestling and boxing);
• Unfair competition;
• Content with nudity;
• Explicit images;
• Negative behaviour
• Short lead time (i.e. less than 12 weeks prior to the event).

Community relations

Environmental and social responsibility is a major focus for Qatar Airways sponsorships.