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Qatar Adventures with Richard Bangs

Emmy award-winning host Richard Bangs, an entrepreneur, world adventurer and an explorer travels the globe and shares his adventures with the world.  Exploring Qatar was his latest adventure. Watch all 5 videos and discover why Richard calls Qatar the “hub to the world.”


Richard went through the great experience of travelling on Qatar Airways, the world’s best business class, and discovered the country of Qatar.

After experiencing the luxury care and services onboard he said, “Nothing like Qatar Airways."

He considered Doha International Airport as a 5-star hotel, because of the special services, hospitality and design.

Play the video and enjoy learning more about his amazing journey.

Where is Qatar?

Qatar is located in the Middle East, specifically on the edge of the Arabian Gulf, and it shares the south border with Saudi Arabia.
It is a small country with rich resources, culture, traditions, arts and architecture. The country has a mixture of old cultural and modern place for visiting.
The tourism in the country is developing and it always welcomes the visitors with opened arms and big smiles.  Watch now to learn more about Qatar.


What to do in Qatar

Richard Bangs visited top 10 places in the capital Doha,
Watch now and learn about the museums,  Katara cultural village and entertainment places like indoor ice skating, boat rides, and sand dunes.

Shopping in Qatar

Enjoy the shopping places in Doha, go to shopping malls or outdoor shops and feel comfortable with all of the luxury services and facilities.
Your shopping journey will never stop, with the different tastes, styles, brands, and productions.
Put the sunscreen on the top your shopping list, and let the journey begin. Watch Now.

Drive through Qatar

Drive through the Cornish of Doha, see the high and modern buildings with unique and bright designs.
Or go to the other side of the country, and drive fast on the sand dunes.  Watch now and enjoy the adventure.