Disability and medical assistance


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Qatar Airways strives to cater to the needs of our customers with special needs.

In order to serve you better, we request that you contact us and advise us of your specific needs at the time of booking, and at least 48 hours prior to your flight. You can visit 'Manage booking' to make certain requests, such as wheelchair assistance, stowing an assistive device, seat selection and escort assistance for the visually impaired. Please note, for some special assistance requests, you may be required to fill out a Medical Information Form (MEDIF).

Some guidelines on the special assistance that we offer are described below. In case you have any specific query then please obtain clarification from your travel agent, or contact the local Qatar Airways office or contact centre.

Physical disabilities and mobility challenges

It is advisable to let us know of your requirements at the time of reservations.  You can also request wheelchair assistance after you book by using the 'Manage Booking' online feature at least 48 hours prior to departure.

Mobility assistance at the airports

Wheelchairs are available for use at all airport locations and can help in transferring you from one point to the other within the airport throughout your journey.
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Mobility assistance and facilities on board

Qatar Airways aircraft are generally equipped with reduced mobility-friendly facilities on-board such as seats with movable armrests, hand rails in lavatories, and special on-board wheelchairs on the Airbus A330, A340, A350, A380, Boeing 777 and 787. There is a special wheelchair on board the A319 aircraft with all First / Business Class configuration.
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Personal wheelchair

If you intend to travel with your own wheelchair or use other mobility aid then please inform us preferably at the time of reservation, or at least 48 hours prior to departure through the 'Manage Booking' feature online. We will carry your wheelchair or mobility aid free of charge.

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Attendants for passengers with special needs

Attendants are generally not required for passengers with reduced mobility. However, for safety reasons and depending on particular circumstances, one or more attendants will be required in some situations.
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Special dietary requirements

Qatar Airways offers a wide selection of special meals to cater to different dietary requirements. If you need a special meal on your flight, such as a medical or a customised health meal, please let us know at the time of booking, or through the 'Manage Booking' feature online or contact your local Qatar Airways office at least 24 hours before your departure to request your preferred meal.

Travelling while pregnant

Prior to booking your ticket, Qatar Airways recommends that you visit your doctor and inquire about your fitness to fly the length of the trip you intend to take.

For your own safety and the well-being of your child, Qatar Airways will not accept expectant mothers who are pregnant from their 36th week or beyond. Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, you may be required to carry all relevant documents.

For those customers who have submitted a MEDIF form are required to check with the respective Qatar Airways office for an approval of the same prior to travel.

Allergy policy

We do our best to accommodate passengers with special allergy needs. However, as our flights are open to the public, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment.

Sensory impairments

If you need any assistance to escort you to / from the aircraft then please advise us in advance to make necessary arrangements.

Hearing impaired passengers

On board, our crew will offer safety briefings and the necessary assistance during the flight. The in-flight safety video displays subtitles in English and Arabic.
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Visually impaired passengers

On board, our crew will offer safety briefings and the necessary assistance during the flight. Braille Safety Cards are available on board for the benefit of customers with special needs. The card is available in English and in Arabic.
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Disability access facilitation plan for flights to and from Australia

Qatar Airways has prepared this Facilitation Plan to provide information to its passengers with specific needs and to enable them to provide Qatar Airways with the information it needs to make their travel experience more enjoyable. The Facilitation Plan applies to Qatar Airways' operations in Australia.