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Book a flight to Salalah and you'll find the Sultanate's 'Second City' and capital of the Dhofar region has plenty to offer. Salalah is a vibrant, colourful city, famous for its yearly Khareef (monsoon), from June to August. Visitors come for the fruit plantations, coconut-fringed beaches, bustling souqs and archaeological sites.

Discover a city bolstered by new wealth that offers a flavour of East Africa in the heart of the Arabian Desert. You can fly to Salalah with Qatar Airways and discover the perfume capital of Arabia for yourself; this city is something special.


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Tourist attractions

Every trip to Salalah should start in the Old City, with a visit to Sultan Qaboos' Palace. Sultan Qaboos was born in a fortress here, and his Grand Mosque is also worth visiting.
Al Baleed Archaeological Site is today an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you'll find the extensive ruins of the 12th century trading post of Zafar.

It's also home to the Frankincense Museum, where you can find out about Salalah's history in the frankincense trade. The Tomb of Nabi Umran also attracts visitors from across the globe.


Leisure activities

Travel to Salalah and you'll find diving is popular here. Guided diving and snorkelling tours take place in the waters by Salalah and at dive centres near Mirbat. The annual Khareef Festival celebrates monsoon season and Dhofari culture. This spectacular event is the perfect place to enjoy live music, entertainment and street food.

Pack your binoculars and visit Khawr Salalah Lagoon to spot ospreys, flamingos and other migratory birds. Or take a leisurely stroll through the city's plantations of bananas, papayas and coconuts. Located near the corniche, this is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon in the city.


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Eating in Salalah

The wealth the port has brought to Salalah has seen international restaurants spring up across the city. Almost everywhere you turn you can find Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Arabic food. The city's buffet restaurants are the ideal place to sample local specialities such as hummus (chickpea dip) and Shawarma (meat kebab).

For fine dining or a romantic meal, five-star hotels offer a la carte dining. You'll find there are few restaurants outside the city, so if you plan on visiting attractions further afield, it's best to pack water and snacks for the journey.


Shopping in Salalah

Frankincense is the most popular purchase when you travel to Salalah. You'll find various different grades of frankincense, the lightest being the highest quality. Other popular purchases include Omani perfumes and hand-crafted Dhofari clay incense burners. For souvenirs and handicrafts, head for The Handicraft Souq or Haffa Souq, where you'll need to practice your bargaining skills.

Al-Husn Souq is the best place to mingle with locals and see traditional Omani hats being made. The colourful tangle of streets near the Sultan's Palace are filled with the aroma of frankincense and it's easy to find handicrafts and hand-made jewellery here.


Travel requirements

Flights to Salalah with Qatar Airways arrive at Salalah Airport, located around three miles from the city.

Visa restrictions for entry into the country will depend on your country of origin, length of stay and whether your trip is for business or pleasure. So before you fly to Salalah please check the visa and passport requirements.


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