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Book a flight to Entebbe with Qatar Airways

Entebbe, the scenic colonial city of Uganda, is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake in the World. When you book a flight to Entebbe with Qatar Airways you’ll be entering the Pearl of Africa, a region redolent with mystery and exoticism.

The atmosphere throughout Entebbe, Uganda is indeed serene, with old colonial parks and gardens to enjoy and of course the great lake as an ever-present backdrop. Qatar Airways flights to Entebbe are now available from many international departure points, opening up this amazing country in the heart of Africa to visitors.


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Tourist attractions

If you don’t have a safari on your itinerary then a visit to Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Zoo) will afford you the next best opportunity for seeing African wildlife in its natural setting. This is home to an impressive collection of lions, zebras, rhinos, giraffes and other iconic Ugandan wildlife. On your trip to Entebbe, Uganda Reptile Village is also well worth a visit a few minutes out of town. 

If you’re more interested in plants on a trip to Entebbe then don’t miss out the splendid Entebbe Botanic Gardens with their unique collections of native plant life.


Leisure activities

There are lots of activities on offer during your trip to Entebbe, Uganda. Tours are a particularly good way of seeing the surrounding area. On a Mabamba Shoebill tour you’ll get to see the wildlife of the nearby Mabamba Swamps. On the more exclusive side, try Backpack Uganda Private Day Adventures, specialising in customised treks into the bush.

Trips to Entebbe can also include a ferry ride out to the Sesse Islands for a journey back in time. Here, the dust tracks, dense jungle canopy and screeching monkeys are an authentic African experience that’s not to be missed.



Eating in Entebbe

There are plenty of dining opportunities in Entebbe, from small venues serving affordable authentic Indian food to attractive lakeside restaurants where you can watch the sun go down. Some local restaurants specialise in authentic dishes cooked in clay ovens and wood fires, while others are taking a more continental approach to cuisine, fusing local and international dishes to create interesting and eclectic menus. 

For the best lakeside scenery while you dine, head for  Lake Victoria. There’s also an excellent Chinese restaurant  on Kampala Road. 

For the more adventurous tourist, freshly caught Nile perch and tilapia (fish) can be enjoyed in most lakeside establishments.


Shopping in Entebbe

Oddly enough, after travelling to Entebbe and starting to look around, you’ll find that authentic black German bread is very popular here! It is sold in a bakery on the lakeside. Fresh fruit is also a winner, and the coffee is especially worthy of mention. Fair-trade and organic beans are collected from the border with Rwanda, where the endangered mountain gorillas roam, and the residents of Entebbe are very proud of their national drink. Try some and you’ll probably be hooked for life. Various coffees and pastries are available at all the busy cafés and restaurants across Entebbe.

There’s a small market in Entebbe on Tuesdays where you can pick up handmade souvenirs, and also a small shop that sells craft products. Haggling with a smile is welcome and expected in most markets.


Travel requirements

Qatar Airways flights to Entebbe land at Entebbe Airport, Uganda’s main gateway.

Visa restrictions for entry into the country will depend on your country of origin, length of stay and whether your trip is for business or pleasure. So before you fly to Entebbe please check the visa and passport requirements.


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