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Book a flight to Djibouti with Qatar Airways

Book a flight to Djibouti with Qatar Airways and explore Djibouti, a gem in East Africa. Adventure seekers may not have heard of Djibouti, and for many it's simply a transit point en-route to Ethiopia. Yet Djibouti City, the capital, has much to offer visitors, and its location off the well-worn tourist trail only adds to its appeal.

The country's spectacular scenery, snorkelling and diving opportunities and stunning white sandy beaches mean this secretive corner of East Africa won't remain a secret for very long. Discover Djibouti before everyone else, with a stay in this captivating country. You can fly to Djibouti with Qatar Airways.


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Tourist attractions

Djibouti City, the capital, is the location of the Head for The African Quarter and Place Mahmoud Harbi, a great place to start your East African adventure, and definitely worth visiting during your trip to Djibouti. Here you'll find a network of alleyways lined with shops and stalls selling everything from handicrafts to clothing. It's also worth visiting the European Quarter, with its Moorish buildings and whitewashed houses.

No trip to Djibouti would be complete without seeing Lac Assal, situated 150m below sea level. It's not the easiest place to get to – you'll need a lift from a friendly local or be prepared to hire a car and brave the bumpy roads. The end result is well worth the journey though; some of the most breathtaking views of The Devil's Island and the lake itself can be experienced on your drive.


Leisure activities

Djibouti has always been a popular spot for scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts, and the reefs here are teeming with all sorts of sea life. For the most exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience, book a trip to snorkel with whale sharks, gentle giants of the sea.
A day trip to the Goda Mountains in the North-West of the country is ideal for those who are into hiking and hill walking. Or you could simply spend your afternoon exploring Tajoura. This pretty village at the foot of the Goda Mountains has an Arabian feel and is a great place to while away a sunny afternoon.

Of course, if all that seems too strenuous, you could simply spend your trip to Djibouti lazing on one of the Gulf of Tadjoura's white sandy beaches and appreciating the beautiful views.


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Eating in Djibouti

Be aware that Western food in Djibouti can be over-priced. However, if you're interested in high-quality local cuisine, dining out can be a delightful experience.

Expect food with a French twist, such as the popular French seafood restaurants in Djibouti City. Also captivating, Somali, Ethiopian and Djiboutian dishes are often given added French flavour.

Djiboutian food traditionally incorporates influences from Yemeni, Somali and French cuisine, with Middle Eastern spices featuring heavily. Look out for specialities such as Sambuusa (Somali samosa), Garoobey (porridge with cumin) and Fah-fah (spicy boiled beef soup). Canjeero, a type of flatbread, is a staple in the Djiboutian diet and is served with most meals.


Shopping in Djibouti

For local handicrafts and fabrics, Djibouti's Association des Femmes de Tadjoura is the place to head for hand-woven Afar basketware. Watch out as larger department stores in Djibouti City will often accept payment in USD, but beware of the high conversion rates. It's far better to pay in local currency (Djiboutian Franc).

Travel to Djibouti and you'll find the city is free from large malls, but there are plenty of markets selling crafts and curiosities. You'll find Ethiopian coffee is a popular purchase and is reasonably priced. Try to steer clear of mass-produced gifts and carvings from Kenya and India and buy local goods. Colourful bou-bous (dresses), bead wallets and wooden vases are all produced in the country.


Travel requirements

Flights to Djibouti with Qatar Airways arrive at Djibouti International Airport.

Visa restrictions for entry into the country will depend on your country of origin, length of stay and whether your trip is for business or pleasure. So before you fly to Djibouti please check the visa and passport requirements.


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Currency: Djiboutian Franc (DJF)

Voltage: 220 V 50 Hz

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Language: French / Arabic

International dialing code: +253


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