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Best Price Guarantee - Terms and Conditions & FAQs

Offer: The Qatar Airways Best Price Guarantee applies to customers who make a qualifying airfare purchase on Qatar Airways at If, after purchasing a Qatar Airways ticket on, on the same day you find a lower Qatar Airways published fare on another web site (other than for the exact same Qatar Airways round-trip itinerary, date(s), class of service, fare rules & restrictions, and if all of the additional requirements and conditions set forth below are satisfied, Qatar Airways will refund the difference.


Requirements: For a claim to be valid under the terms of this Best Price Guarantee, it must satisfy all of the above terms & conditions and be submitted in compliance with the claim processing procedure, as set out herein. The Best Price Guarantee is available to any customer who makes a qualifying airfare purchase through the web site after June 1, 2013. The guarantee is valid for lower published fares found online for the identical Qatar Airways flights, round-trip itinerary, date(s) and class of service with the same fare rules and restrictions and must have been available for purchase on the same day as the original online purchase was made. The Best Price Guarantee applies select point of departure* with travel originating in select point of departure* and purchased at The guarantee applies to tickets purchased using a valid credit or debit card with select point of departure* billing address and on itineraries wholly operated by Qatar Airways and does not include codeshare flights. The claim must be submitted on the same day you purchased your ticket on Qatar Airways must be able to verify the lower published fare at the time of claim review and confirm that the lower fare did not exist on The confirmed airfare you purchased on will be compared to the available airfare quoted on the other site which must be an IATA accredited and distributor of Qatar Airways products. Fares must be compared with identical fare restrictions. The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to lower airfares that are/were also available on for refundable tickets that you choose to refund.


Claim Form Processing:  To submit a claim, fill in the requested information on the Best Price Guarantee Claim Form and submit. Following submission of a claim, the team will contact you via email within 72 hours. If we are unable to replicate the lower airfare, we may request additional information and documentation (such as a screen shot) from you in order to verify the lower online airfare. Any such additional information must be submitted promptly. Please keep copies of all such documentation. Qatar Airways reserves the right to deny any claims that cannot be reasonably verified, which are due to 3rd party fare pricing errors, or for which you have provided incomplete information. Claims may be submitted only via the prescribed methods as outlined by Qatar Airways and not through any other e-mail address or Qatar Airways phone or fax number.  Fare difference refunds will be paid via a check.


*Eligible Websites: Our Best Price Guarantee will only apply when compared to select country* websites.  The website must be an IATA accredited site allowed to distribute Qatar Airways products.
Click here to see countries included in the Guarantee


Exceptions:  The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to unpublished fares. Unpublished fares are fares not available to the general public and include, but are not limited to, wholesaler or consolidator fares, corporate, military, government, contract, or other discounted fares. The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to vacation package fares, including but not limited to airfares sold as part of a travel package, nor does it apply to airfares where the carrier or itinerary details are unknown until after purchase. The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to airfares on another web site that have been reduced as a result of promotional discounts, such as loyalty program discounts or fly "free" offers. The Best Price Guarantee does not apply in circumstances where the "lower" fare is the result of a pricing or inventory caching error made by a party other than Qatar Airways.


Other conditions: This guarantee is void where prohibited by law. Qatar Airways reserves the right to modify or cancel the Best Price Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Any modification will be effective upon posting to website at this page.


Frequently Asked Questions on Best Price Guarantee

  • I've purchased a Qatar Airways ticket through a travel agent, but found a lower fare elsewhere?

   You would not qualify for a Best Price Guarantee claim, as you would need to have purchased your ticket at first, in order to qualify for our Guarantee.


  • I bought my ticket on your website, but found a lower fare on another airline. Do I qualify?

    No, you would not. Our Guarantee ensures that you will not find a lower-priced alternative on Qatar Airways on the same day as your booking was made for the exact same itinerary, class of service, and fare booking class.


  • I bought my ticket at and later that same day, found a lower-priced ticket with a consolidator.

    If you found a lower published fare on a select country* travel website with same booking class and same fare conditions that is not a closed-user-group or members-only website, then Yes, you could file a claim. If you found a lower published fare on any other type of website or travel agency with same booking class and same fare conditions, then yes you qualify.


  • I've already purchased a Qatar Airways ticket and saw a cheaper fare for the same flight a week later. Do I qualify?

    You would not qualify for a Best Price Guarantee claim, as you would need to file the claim on the same day you bought your ticket.  Fares are subject to change and the Best Price Guarantee is only to ensure you won’t find a better price elsewhere on the same day of purchase.