Most Significant Marketing Carrier (MSC)

If your journey involves a Qatar Airways codeshare flight or a flight operated by another airline, the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Most Significant Marketing Carrier (MSC) rule will determine your baggage allowance.  

IATA divides the world into areas as such:
IATA Area Sub Area
North America, Central and South America, Hawaii USA, Canada, Mexico
Central America
South America
Europe, Middle East Europe
Middle East
Asia, Guam, Southwest Pacific Japan, Korea
Southeast Asia
South Asian Subcontinent
Southwest Pacific

The Most Significant Marketing Carrier (MSC) is:

  • For travel between IATA areas: The first carrier flying in between two of the IATA areas
  • For travel between IATA sub areas: The first carrier flying in between the sub areas
  • For travel within an IATA sub area: The first carrier crossing an international border

There may be other exceptions. Please check with your nearest Qatar Airways office before booking.