qmiles earn chart

Qmiles Earn Chart

As a Privilege Club member, you can earn Qmiles when flying with Qatar Airways or oneworld airlines. The number of Qmiles you earn on Qatar Airways will be based on the fare paid (booking class) as outlined in the table below.


To view the Qmiles you will earn for your travel on Qatar Airways or any oneworld member airline, use our Qcalculator.


To ensure that Qmiles are automatically credited to your membership account, remember to always provide your membership number at the time of reservation, check-in or when using the services of any of our partners.


Cabin Fare Booking Class Qmiles Accrual




First Flexi F 300%
First Value P 200%
First Saver/Promo A 200%




Business Flexi J, C 200%
Business Value D 175%
Business Saver I 125%
Business Promo R 125%





Economy Flexi Y, B, H 100%
Economy Value K, M, L, V 75%
Economy Saver S, N, Q 50%
Economy Promo T, O, W 25%
Group or Tour G 25%


The number of Qmiles credited depends on:

•  Number of Qmiles earned for a flight (Base Qmiles) = Distance X Qmiles Accrual % for the booking class.

• Tier Bonus = Actual distance X Tier Bonus %.

• Family member Qmiles = Base Qmiles X Family Accrual % for the tier of the main member.


Important Information:

For tickets upgraded to Business or First Class under certain promotional offering or using Qmiles/Qcredits, Members will earn Qmiles based on original booking class purchased. Please check your ticket or contact any Qatar Airways office for details.


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