Airport Operations Programme

    Programme Overview


    This programme provides development opportunities for Airport Operations Management Diploma graduates to pursue various roles within Hamad International Airport or Qatar Airways Doha Sales and Ground Services at various professional levels.


    This programme aims to provide Developees with a well-rounded understanding of the activities required to successfully manage the different functional and customer experience within the airport and from Qatar Airways as an airline.


    The HIA Graduate Development Programme comprises two different programme durations and varies between 2-3 years. The duration is dependent on the selected programme stream.


    Minimum eligible requirements:

    All candidates applying for the Airport Operations Programme must meet the below criteria before being considered for further selection assessments:

    • Aged between 19 and 28 years
    • Airport Operations Management Diploma from (QAC) Qatar Aeronautical College
    • English Language
      • Qatari - Overall Score of 70%, IELTS of 5.0 or above
      • Qatari Mother - Overall Score of 75%, IELTS of 5.5 or above
    • CID Clearance
    • Medical Clearance

    There are 7 streams within the Airport Operations  Programme: (Sub stream to be included only in flyer)

    1.       HIA Graduate Development – Operations (HIA GD OPS)

    a.        Terminal Operations

    b.       Flight Data & Resource Allocation

    c.        Airfield Safety Operations

    d.       Safety Assurance & Training

    e.       Emergency Planning & Administration

    f.         Wildlife & Hazard

    g.        Baggage Handling Systems

    h.       Security Operations

    i.         Operational Planning and Commissioning

    2.       HIA Graduate Development– Strategy (HIA GD SCE)

    a.        Projects

    b.       Customer Experience

    3.       HIA Graduate Development– Facilities Management (HIA GD FM)

    a.        Logistics Projects

    b.       Customer Projects

    c.        Maintenance Projects

    4.       HIA Graduate Development– HR (HIA GDPHR)

    a.        Recruitment

    b.       Employee Services and Special Projects

    c.        Training and Development

    5.       HIA Graduate Development – Commercial (HIA GD COM)

    a.        Property Management

    b.       Public Relations, Protocol and Events

    c.        Marketing, Branding and Promotions


    6.       Doha Sales Graduate Development Programme (Doha Sales GD)


    7.       Ground Services Development Programme (Ground Services GD)




    • Structured rotation and development programme
    • Global opportunities
    • Learning and development
    • Growth opportunities