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For centuries, Yanbu was a key trading post on the Arabian Gulf. Today, it is one of the world’s major petroleum and commercial hubs.

But the city, located in the western region of Saudi Arabia, also caters to the needs of leisure travellers. Located on the Red Sea coast, Yanbu is becoming a much-sought-after scuba-diving spot and a popular destination among water-sports fans. Crystal clear waters, powdery white shores and luxury marinas have made this predominantly industrialised coastline a magnet for visitors looking for an alternative getaway.

Book a flight to Yanbu with Qatar Airways and prepare to discover a quaint, yet vibrant, city, where old-world charm meets modern-day comforts.

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Tourist attractions

Head to the northwest quarter of Yanbu and you’ll find the area where TE Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, once lived. In 1916, the British archaeologist was a key figure during the conflict that led to the Great Arab Revolt, which toppled the Ottoman Empire. His home has been recently restored and is now a popular tourist spot, worthy of a photo opportunity.

Yanbu Lakes is a tranquil oasis that is an ideal spot for a family picnic. Surrounding the lake area is a collection of coffee shops, eateries and ice cream stands.

If you want an introduction to Yanbu’s centuries-old maritime history, head to the Museum of Marine Biology. Here you’ll find preserved marine specimens and exhibitions that depict traditional fishing techniques used commonly in the Arabian Gulf. You can also learn more about the efforts undertaken to preserve the unique coral reefs that line this part of the Gulf.

Leisure activities

To the north of Yanbu is the Shrm Yanbu Coast, a family-friendly spot endowed with turquoise waters and a long stretch of beach. It is also an excellent diving attraction, with plenty of diving schools and scuba centres where you can hire equipment or a local instructor. Another popular starting point for diving excursions is the Arak Yanbu Resort and Marina, where you can hire a boat to take you to some of the best offshore spots.ensure

Back on dry land, a popular local pastime is to take a stroll along the Royal Commission Corniche. This is an elegant walkway lined with palm trees and a variety of shops, coffee houses and barbecue areas. During cooler evenings, it is common to see social gatherings in and around the district.

Eating in Yanbu

Give your taste buds a treat, and sample some of Yanbu’s culinary offerings. Discover traditional Arabian food cooked in the old-fashioned clay-oven style, as well as modern fusion recipes, creating a delicious mix of flavours.

Because of its proximity to the Red Sea, fresh fish is abundant. The underground streams and rivers that make this part of Saudi Arabia so lush, also ensure seasonal fruit and vegetables are plentiful. A popular dish in Yanbu, and across the region as well, is markouk, made from thin flatbread baked with spiced beef or chicken.

Shopping in Yanbu

Small independent traders can be found throughout the old quarter of Yanbu, although there are also modern shopping malls being developed in the city’s outskirts. Yanbu Al-Balad, in the north of the city, is home to a new mall offering international brands and a good choice of high-end luxury goods.

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