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Meet Qatar Airways' Master Chefs

Two Master Chefs have been chosen to create a unique and diverse menu.

When Qatar Airways set out to develop menus for our flights, we looked no further than today’s leading international chefs, each a master of their local cuisine. Together, Nobu Matsuhisa and Vineet Bhatia, spent months adapting and testing their specialties for Qatar Airways’ passengers, taking into account not only flavours and spices, but how the taste buds are altered at 30,000 feet, and what types of food are most suitable to long-haul flights.

What does this all-star culinary team share? An uncompromising approach to creating a sophisticated, comforting experience for the customer, made with the finest available products.

Nobu Matsuhisa

Known simply as “Nobu,” this celebrity chef from Japan has established an international reputation over the last three decades through his series of restaurants Nobu, Matsuhisa, and Udon. Nobu Las Vegas, Nobu London, and Nobu Berkeley Street London have each been awarded one Michelin star.

“I like to see my customers eating, drinking, smiling, and laughing. This is happiness.”


“Qatar Airways understands my philosophy. It’s like a nice marriage, a balance in the food.” “Perfect is difficult, but I like to be as close to a high point as much as possible. I always try my best.”

Vineet Bhatia

Born in Mumbai, Vineet Bhatia is a multi award-winning chef, owner of the London-based restaurant Rasoi, as well as a series of restaurants in hotels around the world. He received a Michelin star for Rasoi, as well as for Rasoi by Vineet in Geneva, giving him the privilege of being the only Indian chef to have won two Michelin stars.

“When people ask me which part of India I cook from, I say it is pan-Indian, but it comes from the heart, because I believe in food. I believe in what I do.”

“As a chef I never cook for my own ego, I cook for the people that come and dine in my restaurants. If you leave with one single happy memory, then I think I’ve done my job.”