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Transporting Animals

Animals in-cabin

With the exception of falcons and service dogs, animals are not allowed in the cabin during any flight. Falcons are allowed only in Economy Class and must be hooded for the entire journey. Customers are limited to carrying only one falcon aboard the flight. A chain or cord must be attached to one of the bird’s legs and tied securely to the handler to prevent the bird from flying.

A maximum of six birds are permitted in the cabin of an aircraft.

To learn more about service dogs in-cabin, see the service dogs section below.

Service dogs

Qatar Airways permits free of charge carriage of a service dog in the passenger cabin only on itineraries that include flights to or from the USA. On all other routes, a service dog will not be allowed in the passenger cabin but will be carried free of charge in the aircraft hold. No other type of service animal is permitted in-cabin on any other flights.

Click here to learn more about travelling with a service dog. 

Pets as cargo or checked baggage

For an additional fee, pets and other live animals can be carried as cargo or checked baggage. The owner or customer is responsible for ensuring that the animal is housed, fed, and watered adequately for the journey.

Because of their increased susceptibility to heat stroke, the following breeds are not allowed onboard Qatar Airways flights either as cargo or checked baggage:


  • Boston terrier
  • Boxer (Japanese)
  • Brussels griffin
  • Bulldog (American, English, French)
  • Bull mastiff
  • Bull terrier (Staffordshire, American Staffordshire)
  • Chow chow
  • English toy spaniel (King Charles spaniel)
  • Lhasa apso
  • Japanese chin (Japanese spaniel)
  • Pekingese
  • Pit bull terrier (American)
  • Pug (Chinese, Dutch, Japanese)
  • Shar-pei
  • Shih tzu
  • Tibetan spaniel


  • Burmese
  • Exotic shorthair
  • Himalayan
  • Persian

Other restrictions on animals

Qatar Airways does not accept animals with the following age, health, and medical conditions:

  • Animals younger than eight weeks
  • Fragile or weak animals
  • Female animals with suckling young*
  • Cats or dogs that are more than six weeks pregnant*

*Carriage will only be permitted with a veterinary certificate stating that the animals are fit to travel and/or that there is no risk of birth.

Acceptable travel containers and kennels

Containers must be of adequate size, suitable design, and sufficient strength to prevent your pet from escaping. The container should provide good ventilation and allow the animal to easily stand, turn around, and lie down in a natural manner.

You must supply food and water for the animal in the travelling container or kennel.