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Looking for a last minute holiday offer? Need to get away? Take advantage of Qatar Airways’ special offers for a limited time only. Your dream getaway awaits you.

Book your tickets by 19th October and travel up to 10th December 2014.

Enjoy greater convenience travelling through our state-of-the-art Hamad International Airport, save more on tickets and earn bonus Qmiles when you book online.

Seats are limited, so book now.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard Qatar Airways.


Check out sample fares to some of our most popular destinations in Europe
From To

Business Class
(All-inclusive fare)

Economy Class
(All-inclusive fare)
Karachi Athens 181,270 PKR 64,670 PKR
 Karachi Barcelona 201,470 PKR 83,975 PKR
 Karachi Brussels 172,950 PKR 80,350 PKR 
 Karachi Paris 207,100 PKR 81,315 PKR 
 Karachi Rome 235,300 PKR 73,800 PKR 
 Karachi Frankfurt 190,060 PKR 76,630 PKR 
 Karachi Baku 176,630 PKR  82,400 PKR 
 Karachi Istanbul 161,440 PKR 56,140 PKR 
 Karachi Larnaca 178,970 PKR  62,370 PKR 
Karachi London 221,200 PKR  83,760 PKR 
Karachi Madrid 199,470 PKR  78,970 PKR
Karachi Manchester 202,790 PKR   80,540 PKR
Karachi Moscow 188,930 PKR  78,630 PKR
Karachi Milan 206,140 PKR  75,000 PKR 
Karachi Oslo 197,650 PKR  79,550 PKR 
Karachi Venice 205,360 PKR  74,200 PKR 
Karachi Zurich  217,600 PKR 75,200 PKR 

Lahore & Islamabad

Athens  179,270 PKR 77,570 PKR

Lahore & Islamabad

Barcelona  239,570 PKR 89,975 PKR

Lahore & Islamabad

Brussels  201,470 PKR 85,150 PKR 

Lahore & Islamabad

Paris 244,870 PKR  88,115 PKR 

Lahore & Islamabad

Rome 244,100 PKR  85,100 PKR 

Lahore & Islamabad

Frankfurt  236,070 PKR  82,630 PKR

Lahore & Islamabad

Baku  184,070 PKR   -

Lahore & Islamabad

Istanbul  189,870 PKR  76,040 PKR 

Lahore & Islamabad

Larnaca  179,270 PKR 75,270 PKR 

Lahore & Islamabad

London  219,270 PKR   -

Lahore & Islamabad

Madrid  248,070 PKR  87,770 PKR 

Lahore & Islamabad

Manchester 223,270 PKR 80,240 PKR 

Lahore & Islamabad

Moscow 168,070 PKR 80,130 PKR 

Lahore & Islamabad

Milan 244,070 PKR  -

Lahore & Islamabad

Oslo 209,670 PKR 92,150 PKR 

Lahore & Islamabad

Venice 244,150 PKR  80,200 PKR 

Lahore & Islamabad

Vienna 233,970 PKR  -
Peshawar Athens  171,370 PKR  76,170 PKR
Peshawar Barcelona  236,970 PKR  94,375 PKR
Peshawar Brussels   206,250 PKR  91,050 PKR
Peshawar Paris  245,600 PKR  88,215 PKR
Peshawar Rome  243,300 PKR  85,000 PKR
Peshawar Frankfurt  224,060 PKR  85,130 PKR
Peshawar Baku  182,830 PKR  95,700 PKR
Peshawar Istanbul  179,840 PKR  76,040 PKR
Peshawar Larnaca  169,070 PKR 73,870 PKR 
Peshawar London  246,800 PKR 94,260 PKR 
Peshawar Madrid  231,790 PKR  89,770 PKR 
Peshawar Manchester  242,790 PKR  91,040 PKR 
Peshawar Moscow 160,730 PKR 84,830 PKR 
Peshawar Milan 246,140 PKR 84,900 PKR
Peshawar Oslo 336,250 PKR 114,250 PKR 
Peshawar Berlin 231,200 PKR 109,100 PKR 
Peshawar Venice 242,290 PKR  84,100 PKR
Peshawar Zurich 221,800 PKR  96,900 PKR
And many more destinations!

Check out sample fares to some of our most popular destinations in Africa*
From To

Business Class
(All-inclusive fare)

Economy Class
(All-inclusive fare)
 Karachi Capetown 204,075 PKR 89,275 PKR 
 Karachi Entebbe 165,260 PKR  81,360 PKR 
 Karachi Johannesburg 165,275 PKR  76,880 PKR 
 Karachi Lagos  202,420 PKR  93,820 PKR 
 Karachi Nairobi 137,080 PKR  69,290 PKR 
 Karachi Addis Ababa 136,110 PKR  68,310 PKR 
 Karachi Kigali  163,290 PKR 79,390 PKR 
 Karachi Kilimanjaro 147,880 PKR  66,180 PKR 
Lahore & Islamabad Capetown 226,270 PKR  100,675 PKR 
Lahore & Islamabad  Entebbe 153,570 PKR  81,460 PKR 
Lahore & Islamabad Johannesburg 197,670 PKR 82,680 PKR 
Lahore & Islamabad Lagos 212,070 PKR  113,920 PKR 
Lahore & Islamabad Nairobi 152,870 PKR  76,690 PKR 
Lahore & Islamabad Addis Ababa 132,810 PKR 73,910 PKR
Lahore & Islamabad Kigali 149,890 PKR 79,890 PKR 
Lahore & Islamabad Kilimanjaro 150,810 PKR 80,180 PKR 
Peshawar Capetown 224,275 PKR 100,675 PKR 
Peshawar  Entebbe 151,860 PKR  81,860 PKR 
 Peshawar Johannesburg  195,675 PKR  82,680 PKR 
 Peshawar Lagos   211,620 PKR  113,920 PKR 
 Peshawar Nairobi  136,780 PKR  76,390 PKR 
 Peshawar Kigali 149,890 PKR  79,890 PKR 
 Peshawar Kilimanjaro 150,180 PKR 80,200 PKR
And many more destinations!

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Terms & Conditions

  • Sales period: 13th-19th October 2014
  • Travel period: 13th October - 10th December 2014. All travel must be completed by 10th December 2014.
  • Valid on Qatar Airways operated flights originating from: Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.
  • Discount applies to instant purchases only.
  • Discount applies to Economy and Business Class return tickets. For flights where Business Class is not operated, First Class is applicable.
  • Seats are limited and are subject to availability of the relevant booking class: O and Q for Economy, I and A for Business and First Class travel.
  • Minimum stay: 3 days for First, Business and Economy (Q). 5 days for Economy (O).
  • Maximum stay: 3 months for First, Business and Economy (Q). 1 month for Economy (O).
  • Fares include all applicable discounts, fees, taxes and airport charges. Service fees may apply for tickets purchased at Qatar Airways sales offices or through travel agents.
  • On selected routings, weekend surcharge may apply. Please refer to detailed fare rules before purchasing.
  • Tickets are non-endorsable and non-transferable.
  • For all itineraries, changes are allowed at a penalty of USD 250 on top of any fare differences. Cancellations before or after departures are non-refundable. In case of no-show, ticket has no value for use on any other service, and it is non-refundable, non-changeable and non-bookable.
  • Stopover is not permitted.
  • Upgrades to a higher class/cabin using miles or Qcredits is not permitted.
  • Standard child/infant discount apply.
  • Please note that on selected dates and destinations, lower market–specific promotion fares may be available. All available options, together with the applicable terms & conditions for each fare will be displayed at time of booking for you to make your selection.
  • Other terms & conditions apply. Please review at the time of booking.
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